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Flying Without Wings

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Intermediate NC2
Peter Metelnick (UK) & Alison Metelnick (UK) - 2011
Flying Without Wings - Westlife
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“Celebrating 20 Years of Dance”

Quick start on the vocals when he sings ‘Everybody’s looking for that SOMEthing…..
Start on the first syllable of something – SOME) – 146bpm – 3:37mins

[1-8] R NC basic, full backward turn R, R & L back rock-recover-sides
1-2&Step R side, rock L back, recover weight on R
3-4Turning ¼ right step L back, turning ½ right step R forward
&Turning ¼ right step L side (12 o’clock)
(Non-turning option 3-4&: grapevine L 3)
5-6&Rock R back, recover weight on L, step R side
7-8&Rock L back, recover weight on R, step L side

[9-17] R cross unwind ¾ L, L sweep into L coaster, run 2, R press/recover, travelling back ball cross, R coaster step
1Cross R over L & unwind ¾ left with weight ending on R (3 o’clock)
2&3(Optionally L sweep into), step L back, step R together, step L forward
4&Two quick walking step forward R, L
5-6Press R forward, recover weight on L
&7Travelling back (body angled slightly to R): step R back, cross step L over R
Turning option: full turn right – turning ½ R step forward, turning ½ R step L back
8&1Step R back, step L together, step R forward (straighten up to face forward in line of dance)

[18-24] L fwd mambo, R rock back/recover turning ½ L step R back, L sailor step, R cross rock/recover
2&3Rock L forward, recover weight on R, step L back
4&Rock R back, recover weight on L
5Turning ½ left step R back (9 o’clock)
6&7Cross step L behind R, step R side, step L side
8&Cross rock R over L, recover weight on L

[25-32] 1& ¼ R turn, ¼ R & ¼ pivot R, L cross step, R NC basic, L side, R cross unwind full turn L
1Turning ¼ right step R forward (12 o’clock)
2&Turning ½ right step L back, turning ½ right step R forward (12 o’clock)
(Non-turning option: quick steps fwd L, R)
3-4Turning ¼ right step L to side, recover weight on R (3 o’clock)
&5Cross step L over R, step R side
6&7Rock L back, recover weight on R, step L side
8&Cross step R over L, unwind a full turn left with weight ending on L (3 o’clock)
(Non-turning option: R cross rock/recover)


Roz January 25, 2012
Shame when there is a dance written to this already

Roz January 25, 2012
Shame when there is a dance written to this already

Mark Smith February 24, 2012
Well done P&A as always - you choreograph lovely dances and this is no exception.

I'm sure it'll be a success!

Lorraine Jackson February 24, 2012
At last a beautiful dance to a beautiful piece of music, been waiting for a decent dance to this music for ages!

Knew we could count on you P&A to provide one for us :) x

Danceteacher54 February 25, 2012
Here we go again. The big names decide to push the unknown ones out! This is also why I am getting very peed off with the whole line dance fraternity. I will be turning my back on it for good before long and going into the classier styles. No wonder its spiralling downwards.

Dancelearner55 February 25, 2012
Its a fact that any dancer would prefer to dance a dance choreographed by a well known, like P&A rather than a VERY BADLY choreographed dance by some unknown, its a shame to turn your back on linedancing for good but i'm sure the line dance fraternity will survive and continue to thrive. Personally I think if we keep having beautifully choreographed dances that fit the music perfectly by well knowns, then the only spiralling will be upwards. Happy Dancing :-)

Danceteacher54 February 25, 2012
continue to thrive? Is that why teachers and other well known choreographers are starting to vanish?

Karen Kennedy February 25, 2012
I find the comment above very narrow minded and you should never be ready to knock someone for being unknown. Even the well known Dance Choreographers were unknown at one time until they had a dance that brought them to the notice of dance teacher and dancers alike. Just because someone is unknown does not make what the dance they have Choreographed is going to be rubbish or that they do not have any experience within the dancing world. A lot of dance teachers often taught other forms of dancing before taking up Line dancing. There are plenty of dances available for all levels from Beginners to Advance and that to me make our hobby healthy. Someone is unknown until they have a hit dance and I can go far enough back to remember seeing Peter in Dundee away back in 1996 who was just starting to become known with the UK around the start of the Line Dancing took off in the UK. He is one who has stood the test of time and is still here today along with Alison who has helped a lot of the unknown Dancer Choreographers make it in this business who are now better known because they took them under there wings.

Danceteacher54 February 25, 2012
Well said Karen. Pat on the back for that.

Mark Smith February 25, 2012
Well I have done both dances and know that I prefer P&As.

At the end of the day I don't think P&A are going to worry if someone else has choreographed to the same music. It's all about personal opinion and dancing what you prefer. It's like dance with me tonight, they and Robbie have both used same music but you don't see them making petty remarks on here. And both dsnces are successful. Because at the end of the day they're both professional multi-crystal boot award winning choreographs!

But hey... It's suppose to be about the dancing! ***SMILE***

Dancelearner55 February 25, 2012
I agree with u Karen, that's not how it should be but speaking as a dancer (not a teacher) , 99% of the time a dancer wants to dance to something that is danced over a wide area, nobody wants to be dancing on their own in a corner to a dance that no one knows and everyone else is dancing to a more popular dance . I agree it's a shame but it's a fact.

Mark Smith February 25, 2012
Well said Dancelearner55!

Yes agree they were all unknowns once upon a time, Karen Kennedy, but it takes a good choreographed dance to make it a hit and their name to get out there. But they've got to go out, promote be likeable and friendly to people for this to happen. Otherwise people won't support them and they won't stand a chance.

Kickball February 25, 2012
As an instructor of more than one class, I look at the dances for several reasons, one being are the singers/bands going to play the music as most of my club going to see the live acts and not disco. I will also then look at whether the dance will be danced in my area, the reason for this is that some people do not have the confidence to get on the floor and dance a different dance to everyone else. If these choreographers have managed to make a name for themselves on the circuit then good luck to them. If their dances were no good then no-one would dance them.

Please stop complaining and keep trying, surely the whole point is everybody enjoys the dances and has fun.

Dancewriter69 February 25, 2012
I agree that this is a brilliant dance. I just wish I could write dances this good. But I'll keep writing a dance every day, sometimes with my friends, and hope that one day a miricle happens and it gets published in linedancer magazine.

DanceDiva February 26, 2012
Fabulous dance, just need to learn it now. Have always loved this song so to have a dance choreographed so well makes it even better.

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