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Quando Quando

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Beginner / Improver
Denise Jayne (UK) - January 2012
Quando Quando Quando - Engelbert Humperdinck
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ACW Rotation

(1-8) Right Cross Rock cha cha. Left Cross Rock Cha Cha
1, 2Rock right foot over left recover on left
3&4Cha Cha in place (R L R))
5, 6Rock Left foot over Right. Recover onto right.
7&8Cha Cha in place (L R L)

(9-16) Right Forward Rock & ½ turn shuffle. Left forward Rock &1/2 turn shuffle
9, 10Right forward rock, recover to Left
11&12½ turn Right shuffle over right shoulder 6.0 clock wall
13, 14Left rock forward recover to right
15&16½ turn Left shuffle over Right shoulder

(17-24) 2xRight foot Left turn Pivots. Step right close left to it and shuffle ¼ turn right
17, 18Step Right forward and ½ pivot left
19 20Step Right forward and ½ pivot left
21, 22Step right to right side and close Left to it
23&, 24Step Right and close left and do a ¼ right shuffle turn 3.0 clock wall

(25-32) Step Left forward ½ pivot. Cross point cross point cross point
25, 26Step Left forward and turn ½ pivot 9.0 clock wall
27, 28Step Left over Right and Point Right to side
29, 30Step Right over Left and Point left to side
31, 32Step Left over Right and Point Right to side end 3 o clock wall



Pippin February 5, 2012
This dance is best done to the music used for Quando when Quando

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