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Intermediate / Advanced
Rob Fowler (ES) - February 2012
Dance the Night Away - Lionel Richie
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Intro: Start on main vocals

SEC1: Long Step Left On Left, Rock Back Right, Recover, Long Step Right On Right, Rock Back Left, Recover, Skate Left, Skate Right, Chasse Left
1-2&Step long step to Left Side on Left, Rock back Right, Recover onto Left
3-4&Step long step to Right Side on Right, Rock back Left, Recover onto Right
5-6Skate Diagonally forward Left, Skate Diagonally forward Right
7&8Left Side Chasse LRL

SEC2: Cross Rock Right, Recover, Syncopated Weave, Left Sailor ¼ Turn, Left Triple Turn Forward
1-2Rock Right over Left, recover back Left
&3-4Step Right to Right side, Cross Left over Right, Step Right To Right Side
5&6Left Sailor ¼ Turn Left LRL (9.00)
7&8Make ½ turn left Stepping back Right, Make ½ turn left Stepping Forward Left, Step forward Right (9:00)
RESTART WALL 4, After Section 2, Facing 12:00

SEC3: Rock Forward Left, Recover, Syncopated Back Steps, Coaster step, ¾ turn Right
1-2Rock forward Left, Recover back Right,
&3-4Step Back left, Step back Right, Step long step back Left
5&6Right Coaster Step back RLR
7-8Make ½ turn Right stepping back Left, Make ¼ turn Right Stepping right to Right Side(6;00)

SEC4: Cross Rock Left, Recover, Syncopated Cross Rock Right, Recover, Sweep Right Sailor ¼ Turn Full Pencil Turn Right
1,2Cross Rock Left Over Right, Recover back on Right
&3-4Step Left to Left Side, Cross Right over Left, Recover back on Left
&5&6Sweep Right into Right Sailor ¼ turn Right RLR (9;00)
7&8Step Forward Left, Make ½ Pivot Turn Right, Turn ½ turn Right on Ball of Right, Touch Left Next to Right


cocoeagle April 29, 2012
Absolutely love this dance, well done Rob and the music is fantastic. My most favourite dance of the year as well as Olly Murs Dance with me tonight.

lorna August 17, 2012
Great dance with great music.

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