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Will Craig (USA) - February 2012
Set Fire to the Rain - Adele
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16 counts intro

[1-8] Basic Cha Cha, With a Triple Step Forward, Rock Recover Full Turn Right
1-2-3Step right to side, rock left forward, recover to right
4&5Triple Forward left, right, left
6-7Rock right forward, recover to left
8&Starting a full turn over right shoulder step right foot forward making a 1/2 turn, Finishing the full turn make a 1/2 turn bringing left foot to right

[9-16] Step Right Foot Back Into a Coaster Step Cross, Rock and Cross, Rock Recover, Half Turn Left
1, 2&Step right foot back, Step left foot back, Bring right foot next to left
3, 4&Step left foot forward, Rock out to right side with right foot, Recover weight onto left
5, 6Cross right foot over left foot, Rock left foot out to left side
7, 8Recover weight onto right foot, Make a 1/2 turn over left shoulder stepping left foot to left side

[17-24] Half Turn Left, Hold, Side Together Side Together, Cross Rock Recover, Cross Rock Recover With 1/4 Turn
1, 2Making 1/2 Turn Over left shoulder step right foot to right side, Hold for count 2
&3&4Bring left foot next to right, Step right foot to right side, Bring left foot next to right, Step right foot to right side
5&6Cross rock left over right, Recover weight onto right, Step left foot to left side
7&8Cross rock right foot over left, Recover weight onto left, Make a 1/4 turn right step forward onto right foot

[25-32] Half Turn Triple Step, Half Turn Walk Walk
1, 2Step left foot forward, Make 1/2 turn over right shoulder putting weight onto right foot
3&4Triple forward left, right, left
5, 6Step forward onto right foot, Make 1/2 turn over left shoulder putting weight onto left foot
7, 8Step forward right, Left

Begin dance again

***RESTARTS*** Wall 3:- Dance till count 28 start again on the 3 o'Clock Wall. Wall 6:- dance till count 28 start again facing 6 o'Clock Wall


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