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Funky Monkey

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Low Intermediate
Guyton Mundy (USA) - February 2012
Funky Monkey - Siedah Garrett, Carlinhos Brown, Mikael Mutti & Davi Vieira : (Album: Rio)
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Lesson: Full Teach, Quick Teach, Dance w/Cues available at

32 Count intro

[1-8] Step, Toe, heel, hitch X2, step, toe, heel, hitch X2 step
1&2step diagonally forward to right on right, tap left toe to instep of right, tap left heel to instep of right
&3&hitch left knee up, extend left leg back to neutral, hitch left knee up
4tap or stomp (flat foot) down diagonally to left on left. (Keeping weight mainly on right)
5&6step diagonally forward to left on left, tap right toe to instep of left, tap right heel to instep of left
&7&hitch right knee up, extend right leg back to neutral, hitch right knee up
8step down diagonally to right on right

[9-16] skip step with hitch X2, 1/2 turn pivot
1-2skip or slide right foot forward as you hitch left knee up (be sure to travel forward), step forward on left
3-4skip of slide left foot forward as you hitch right knee up (be sure to travel forward, step forward on right
5-6-7-8step forward on left, make 1/2 turn pivot over right shoulder (for counts 6-7-8) ending with weight back on left foot
(Optional: As you step forward on left, swing right arm forward as you swing left arm back; alternate arms for 6-7-8)

[17-24] side step together X2, side step together X2
1-2step right to right, step together with left
3-4step right to right, touch left next to right
5-6step left to left, step together with right
7-8step left to left, step right next to left
(Optional arm styling: As you step right to right, extend left arm out to left, right arm bent at elbow in front of chest.
Raise your shoulders on “&” and drop them on “1”. Repeat while stepping to the right. Reverse arms when travelling left. Drop arms at the end of this 8-count.)

[25-32] 1/4 step, drag,1/4 turn step, drag, 1/4 turn side step, toe heel walk in, toe heel walks
1-2Make 1/4 turn left stepping forward on left, drag right in to left
3-4Make 1/4 turn left stepping back on right, drag left in to right
5&6Make 1/4 turn left stepping left to left side making sure foot is pointing diagonally left (right toe should be pointing to right), walk right toe in, walk right heel in
&7&8Walk right toe in (both feet should be pointed diagonally left), walk both heels left, walk both toes left, walk both heels left

Restart: On the 3rd wall of the dance do only the first 16 counts of the dance and then restart on the front wall.

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Web Video Rights Assigned to Edie Driskill (


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