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Drive By

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Newcomer / Novice
Pim van Grootel (NL), Bella Scholtzé & Jonas Dahlgren (SWE) - March 2012
Drive By - Train
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Starts after: 8 Counts

Walk R, Walk L , Step fwd, ¼ Turn L, Cross, Side, Behind, Side, Cross
1RF Step forward
2LF Step forward
3RF Step forward
4LF ¼ Turn left, stepping to left side (9.00)
5RF Cross over LF
6LF Step to left side
7RF Cross behind LF
&LF Step to left side
8RF Cross over LF

Rock Side, Recover, Sailor ¼ Turn L, Hold, Close, Step, Walk L, Walk R
1LF Rock to left side
2RF Recover weight
3LF ¼ Turn left, cross behind the RF (6.00)
&RF Step next to LF
4LF Step forward
&LF Step next to RF
6RF Step forward
7LF Step forward
8RF Step forward

Sailor L, Touch, ½ Turn R, Cross, Touch, Kick, Close, Out
1LF Cross behind RF
&RF Step slightly diagonal right forward
2LF Step slightly diagonal left forward
3RF touch behind LF
4RF ½ Turn right, weight ends on RF (12.00)
5LF Cross over RF
6RF Touch to right side
7RF Kick forward
&RF Step next to LF
8LF Step to left side (out)

Swivel Heels L, R, Hold, Close, Cross, Step, Behind, ¼ Turn L, Step fwd, ½ Turn L
1Both heels swivel left
2Both heels swivel right
&LF Step next to RF
4RF Cross over LF
5LF Step to left side
6RF Cross behind LF
7LF ¼ Turn left, stepping forward (9.00)
8RF Step forward
&LF ½ Turn left, stepping forward (3.00)

Tag: After wall 4, add the following steps and start dance again. (you will be facing 12.00)
Walk 4x
1RF Step forward
2LF Step forward
3RF Step forward
4LF Step forward

Restart: In wall 10 after 16 Counts, ( this is the wall after the slow part in the music.) You will end up with your weight on RF, make a little & count to change your weight onto LF. (you will be facing 9.00).

Good luck and Have fun…


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