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Right About Now

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Low Intermediate NC2S
Craig Bennett (UK) - March 2012
You Will Be Loved - Nicole Scherzinger : (Album: Killer Love)
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[1-8] Right side, behind turn step, Step 1/2, Rock recover, together rock recover
1-2&3Step right to right side, Step left behind right, Step right to right side, Step left over right making an 8th of a turn right
4&5,6Step forward onto right, make 1/2 turn pivot left, Press forward on to right, Recover back onto left
&7,8Step right next to left, Rock forward onto left, Recover back onto right

[9-16] Step sweep, Rock and cross, together cross, step 1/4 turn
&1,2Step left next to right, Step forward onto right, Sweep left around 8th turn right (9;00) cross left over right
3&4Rock right to right side, Recover onto left, Cross right over left
&5,6Step left to left side, Step right next to left, cross left over right
7&8Step right 1/4 turn left, Step left next to right, Step forward onto right

[17-25] Walk, Walk, Step 1/2 step, 3/4 Press, sweep, Rock and side
1,2Walk forward left, Walk forward right
3&4Step forward left, Make 1/2 turn right, Step forward onto left
5&6,7Make 1/2 turn left stepping back onto right, 1/4 turn left stepping left to left side, Press right over left, Sweep right around to back of left
8&1Rock back onto right, Recover onto left, Step right to right side

[26-32] Rock and side, Coaster step, Step 1/2 step, Step 1/2
2&3Rock back onto left, Recover onto right, step left to left side
4&5Step back onto right, Step left next to right, Step forward onto right
6&7Step left forward, Make 1/2 turn right, Step left forward
8&Step forward onto right, Make 1/2 turn left,


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