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Sunday Morning

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Roy Verdonk (NL) & Pim van Grootel (NL) - March 2012
Easy (feat. Willie Nelson) - Lionel Richie
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Starts after: 16 Counts

Step Diagonally fwd R, Syncopated cross sailors L,R, – Travelling backwards, Cross L, Rock Side R, Recover with ¼ Turn L
1RF step diagonally forward right
2&3LF cross in front of RF, RF step diagonally back right, LF step diagonally back left
&4&RF cross in front of LF, LF step diagonally back left, RF step diagonally back right
5LF cross in front of RF
6-7RF rock to right, ¼ turn left stepping forward left

¾ Turn L, Rock, Recover R, Side, Cross over, Walk fwd R,L, ¾ Turn L, Weave
8Make ½ turn left stepping RF back
&Make ¼ turn left stepping LF left
1RF rock in front of LF
2&3Recover onto LF, RF step to right, LF cross in front of RF
4-5RF walk forward, LF walk forward
6RF step forward
&Make ½ turn left stepping LF forward (6 o’clock)
7Make ¼ turn left stepping RF to right (3 o’clock)
8&1LF cross behind RF, RF step to right, LF cross in front of RF

Cross, Unwind, ¾ Turn L with Sweep, Weave, Rock, Recover R in Diagonal, Back, ½ Turn L, Step fwd R
2RF cross in front of LF
3Unwind ¾ Turn left whilst sweeping LF from front to back (6 o’clock)
4&5LF cross behind RF, RF step to side, LF cross in front of RF
6-7RF rock in right diagonal forward (7,30 o’clock), Recover onto LF
8RF step back in diagonal
&Make ½ turn left stepping LF forward (1.30 o’clock)
1RF step forward diagonal (1.30 o’clock)

Syncopated Rock Steps, ¼ Turn R, Rock back, Recover, Full Turn L
2LF cross in front of RF
&Recover onto RF (squaring up to 12 o’clock wall)
3LF rock to left
&Recover onto RF
4LF rock back
&Recover onto RF
5Make ¼ turn right stepping LF back (3 o’clock)
6-7RF rock back, recover onto LF
8Make ½ turn L stepping RF back
&Make ½ turn L stepping LF forward

Tag: After walls 1, 3, and 5:
1-2Sway hips right, sway hips left
3-4Sway hips right, sway hips left.
(N.B. in wall 1 and 3, you sway 4 times, in wall 5 you sway hips only 2 times)

Good luck and have fun…!


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