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She Wants To Be Wanted

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Sue Smyth (UK) - April 2012
She Wants to Be Wanted Again - Ty Herndon : (CD: Living In A Moment)
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16 count intro

Sec 1: Right cross rock, side drag, rock back, hinge ½ turn
1-2Right cross rock, rec on left,
3-4Step long step to right on right, drag left beside right,
5-6Rock back on left, rec on right,
7-8Turn ¼ turn right stepping back on left, turn ¼ turn right stepping right to right side (6 o’clock)

Sec 2: Left cross rock, chasse ¼ left, step pivot ¾, side chasse
1-2Left cross rock, rec on right,
3&4Chasse ¼ turn left, on L R L,
5-6Step fwd on right, pivot ¾ turn left, (6 o’clock)
7&8Side chasse on R L R,

Sec 3: Behind side cross, right side rock, sailor ¼ turn right, walk left walk right
1&2Left behind, right to right side, cross left over right,
3-4Rock right side, rec on left
5&6Right sailor ¼ turn right,( 9’oclock)
7-8Walk left, walk right,
Tag on 5thl wall, start dance at 12 o’clock , dance up to count 23(walk left)
Then hold for 1 count and restart the dance; you will be facing on 9 o’clock

Sec 4: Fwd left rock, full turn back, left coaster back, step pivot ½ turn
1-2Rock fwd on left, rec on right
3-4Turn ½ turn left stepping on left, turn ½ turn left stepping back on right, (alt 2 walks back)
5&6Step back on left, step right beside left, step fwd on left,
7-8Step fwd on right ½ pivot turn left


crafty April 22, 2012
looking forward to learning this dance

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