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Imelda's Way

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Beginner / Improver
Adrian Churm (UK) - May 2012
Inside Out (Latin Mix) - Imelda May & Blue Jay Gonzalez
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Section 1. Side, together, forward, Charleston.
1 – 4Step left foot to the side, close right to left, step left foot forward, hold
5 – 8Swing right foot around to the front touching forward, hold, swing right foot around to the back ending with weight on right foot, hold.

Section 2. Coaster step, shuffle (or lockstep) forward.
1 – 4Step left foot back, close right foot to left, step left foot forward, hold
5 – 8Shuffle or lock step forward ( right, left, right ) hold.

Section 3. ¼ turn right, weave to the right.
1 – 4Step left foot forward, make a ¼ turn right, step left foot across right, hold
5 – 8Step right foot to the right, Step left foot behind, step right foot to the right, Step left foot across right

Section 4. Scissor step, step across, side point, touch together, hip bump.
1 – 4Step right foot to the side, close left foot towards right, step right across left, hold
5 – 8Point left foot to the side, touch left next to right, bump left hip out then back in.
Ladies, men if you like you can put right hand behind head and left hand on left hip for the hip bump

Start again, no tags or restarts

Happy Dancing

Adrian x - Contact Email - - Tel 01782 839150 or 07710770580

15 MAY '19 50


Roz June 7, 2012
Absolutely love this little dance by Adrian. Has a real feel good factor to it and a pleasant little catchy tune to go with it
Well doe Adrian hope it goes well for you

jordie July 19, 2012
I love this dance! great dance to a great song, captured the feel! love it, love it....

Bart2016 June 28, 2020
I taught this line dance at a bar i go to. Also one of the dance instructors was reviewing the line dance and skipped section 2. I had to tell him you skipped a step. I had to show him the step he missed the step he said “oh yeah now I remember.” 😊

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