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Garth Bock (USA) - June 2012
Springsteen - Eric Church
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(aka 1-2-3 Springsteen)
Dance Ends on the Front Wall (as the music fades) with 3 Easy Restarts

Right Rock Step – Triple Back – Left Coaster – 1/4 Turn Left Pivot
1 – 2Right Rock Forward – Recover on Left
3 & 4Right Triple Back
5 & 6Left Coaster Step
7 – 8Step Right Forward – Pivot 1/4 Turn Left (Sway Hips As You Turn)

Sways – Crossing Triple – Left Rock Step – Syncopated Weave
9-10Sway Hips Right – Sway Hips Left
11&12Cross Right over Left – Step Left to Side – Cross Right over Left
13-14Sway Hips Left – Sway Hips Right
15-16&Cross Left Behind Right – Step Right to Side – Step Left Forward

Right Rock Step – 1/2 Turn Right Triple – Left Rock Step – Coaster Step
17-18Right Rock Forward – Recover on Left
19&201/2 Turning Right Triple to Right
21-22Left Rock Forward – Recover on Right
23&24Left Coaster Step
(---Restarts Occur Here---)

1/2 Turn Left Pivot – 1/2Turn Triple Step – 1/2 Turn Forward Left Triple Step – Kick Ball Step
25-26Step Right Forward – Pivot 1/2 Turn Left
27&281/2 Turn Right Triple (On Right)
29&301/2 Turn Triple Forward (On Left)
31&32Kick Ball Step (Forward on Left)

Start Again !

Restarts: There are 3 East Restarts. The Restarts happen at the end of count 24 on the 6 O’clock, 12 O’clock and 9 O’clock walls.
The restart happens at the end of the part where he sings “Springsteen”.
The pattern is 32-32-32-24 32-32-32-24 32-32-24 32-32-32.
Restart 1 is after 1 “Springsteen”,
Restart 2 is after 2 “Springsteen’s”,
Restart 3 is after 3 “Springsteen’s”.

It’s Easy ! Finish on the front wall as the song fades out.

Optional for 27-30:
27&28Right Triple Forward
29&30Left Triple Forward



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