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Fine By Me

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Bill Bragg (USA) - May 2012
Fine By Me - Andy Grammer : (iTunes)
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Placed First: Non-country Int / Adv @ JG Dance Marathon June 2012

Or Will.I.Am – Dance to The Music - Stealth Soundtrack

Right Side Rock Recover, Shuffle Back, Step Left, Sailor ¼ Turn Right Step Forward, Step, Lock, Step
1-2RF step right, recover weight to LF.
3&4RF step Back, LF crosses over RF, RF step back.
5LF step left.
6&7RF step behind LF, LF step side left making ¼ turn right, RF step forward.
&8LF step forward behind RF, RF step forward.

Rock Forward Recover, ¼ Left Side Shuffle, Cross Right Over Left, Step Back ¼ Right, Coaster
1-2LF rock forward, RF recover weight.
3&4LF step side making ¼ turn left, RF step next to LF, LF step left.
5-6RF step left crossing in front of LF, making ¼ right step back on LF (3:00).
7&8RF step back, LF step next to RF, RF step forward.

Tap Left Toe Twice Step Down, Behind Side Cross, Tap Left Toe Twice Step Down, Behind, side ¼ Left, Step Forward.
&1-2LF tap toe, LF tap toe, LF step taking weight.
3&4RF cross behind LF, LF step side left, RF cross over LF.
&5-6LF tap toe, LF tap toe, LF step taking weight.
7&8RF cross behind LF, turning ¼ left step LF forward, RF step forward (12:00).

Lock Step Forward, ½ Turn Pivot Right, Shuffle Lock Forward, ½ Turn Left, ¼ Turn Left, Kick-ball-Cross
&1LF lock step behind RF, RF Step forward.
2-3LF step forward, pivot ½ turn right, weight on RF (6:00).
4&5LF step forward, RF lock step behind LF, LF step forward
6 -7Turning ½ turn left, step back on RF, turning ¼ turn left step LF to side.
8&1RF kick forward, RF step on ball, LF cross over RF (9:00).

Rock Recover, Step Behind Side Forward, Forward Coaster
2-3RF rock side right, LF recover weight.
4-5RF cross behind LF, LF step side.
6RF step Forward
7&8LF step forward, RF step next to LF, LF step back.

Touch, Step back, Touch, Step Back, Rock back Recover, ½ Pivot Turn Right, Step Forward.
1-2RF touch toe to right side, RF step back.
3-4LF touch toe to left side, LF step back.
5-6RF rock step back, recover weight forward of LF.
7-8Pivot ½ turn right weight on RF, LF step forward (3:00).

TAG: Danced once at the end of the 4th wall ( just before starting the dance again on the 12:00 wall)
Rock Right Recover, Shuffle in front, Rock Left Recover, Shuffle in Front.
1-2RF rock right side, LF recover weight.
3&4RF cross over LF, LF ball step side left, RF cross over LF.
5-6LF rock left side. RF recover weight.
7&8LF cross over RF, RF ball step side right, LF cross over RF (6:00).

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