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Too Close to Love

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High Intermediate
Jordan Lloyd (UK) - May 2012
Too Close - Alex Clare
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Start: 32 counts after heavier beat comes in. 30 seconds into music in total.

Step Back, Sweep ½ , Coaster, Step, Rock & Cross, Step Back 1/8.
1 2Step back on right as you sweep left from front to side, continuing sweeping left round as you make ½ turn left .
3&4Step left back, step right next to left, step left forward.
5Step forward on right.
6&7Rock left out to left, recover weight onto right, cross left over right.
8Big step back on right as you make an 8th of a turn left towards diagonal.

Drag Back, 1/8 Ball Cross, Side, Together, Cross, Back ¼ , ½ Ball Step, Step.
1&2Drag left back towards right, step left to left as you make another 8th of a turn left finishing a ¼ turn, cross right over left.
3, 4Step left to left, step right next to left.
5Cross left over right.
6&7Step back on right making ¼ turn left, step left next to right as you make ½ turn left, step forward on right.
8Step left next to right.

Lift, Hitch, Ball Touch, Back, Hitch, ¼ Out Out, Drag, Slide
1, 2Lift right foot slightly off the ground, hitch right knee up as you angle right shoulder forward.
&3, 4Step right forward, touch left behind right, step back on left.
5&6Slightly hitch right foot up, step right to right side ¼ turn right, step left to left side. (Dipping right leg slightly as you step to left side making sure weight on left slightly)
7, 8Drag left foot towards right, slide left foot back out to left.

Drag, Step, Cross, Side, Rock Recover, Back ¼, Side ¼, Cross, Back, Together Sweep
1, 2Drag right foot towards left ending with weight on right, cross left over right.
3&4Step right to right side, rock left behind right, recover weight onto right.
5, 6Step back on left making ¼ turn right, step right to right side making ¼ turn right.
7&8Cross left over right, step back on right, step left to left side slightly sweeping right foot front to back.

Have fun

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