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Now You See Me, Now You Don't

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Beginner Plus (Contra)
Linda Nyholm (CAN) - June 2012
Pop Goes The World - Men Without Hats
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Intro: 64 counts

Alternative music: Shortenin’ Bread --The Tractors Intro: 32 after piano starts

[1-8] Stomp, kick, stomp, clap, side touch x2, turning 1/4
1-2Stomp right, kick left
3-4Stomp left, clap hands
5-6Step right to side, touch left next to right
7-8Step left to side, turning ¼ left, touch right

[9-16] Vine, turn ½, vine, turn ½
9-10Step right to side, step left behind right
11-12Step right to side, turning ½ right, brush left
13-14Step left to side, step right behind left
15-16Step left beside, turning ½ left, touch right

[17-24] Step touch x2, turning ¼, stomp, kick, stomp, clap
17-18Step right to side, turning ¼ left, touch left next to right
19-20Step left to side, touch right next to left
21-22Stomp right, kick left
23-24Stomp left, clap hands

[25-32] Heel, hook, heel, step, swivels
25-26Touch right heel fwd,, hook across left leg
27-28Touch right heel fwd, Step right beside left
29-30With both feet together, swivel heels to right, toes to right
31-32Swivel heels to right, toes to right

** Dance in two lines, facing a space across from you.
Watch how you loop around, as you only dance to one side for the last four counts.


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