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Aint Too Proud

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Improver / Easy Intermediate
Adrian Churm (UK) - July 2012
Ain't Too Proud to Beg - The Temptations : (Album: Get Ready - Get Ready)
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32 count intro

Alternative: Write My Number On Your Hand by Scotty McCreery (requires Tag & Restart) 48 count intro

Section 1: Weave left, cross rock, chasse to the right.
1 – 2Step right foot across left, step left foot to the side.
3 – 4Step right foot behind left, step left foot to the side
5 – 6Rock right across left, recover back onto left foot.
7 &8Chasse to right side R,L,R

Section 2: Weave to left, ball cross, side rock, sailor step (starting to turn left)
1 – 2Step left foot across right, step right foot to the right side
3&4Step left behind right, step ball of right to the right side (and slightly back), step left foot across right.
5 – 6Rock right foot out to the right side, recover onto left.
7&8Starting to turn a ¼ left, cross right behind left, step left to left side, step right foot to the side.

Section 3: Rock back to complete ¼ turn left, Shuffle forward, Syncopated forward rocks.
1 – 2completing ¼ turn left rock back onto left foot recover forward onto right foot.
3&4Shuffle forward L,R,L.
5 – 6Rock forward onto right foot, recover back onto left foot
&7 – 8Step right beside left, rock forward onto left, recover back onto right foot.

Section 4: Coaster step, cross rock, syncopated weave right, hitch with slight turn left (1/8th)
1&2Step left foot back, close right to left, step left foot forward.
3 – 4Rock right across left, recover back onto left foot.
&5&6Step right foot to the side, step left foot across right, step right foot to the side, step left foot behind right.
&7 – 8Step right foot to the side, step left foot across right, hitch right knee up (turning slightly to left diagonal).

Start again

If you use the Alternative track by Scotty McCreery You will need to add the following on the 4th wall
After completing section 1 then restart from the beginning
1 – 2Rock left foot across right
3&4Chasse L,R,L almost on the spot

Happy Dancing

Adrian x

Contact: Tel 01782 839150 or 07710770580 - Email


Bobbieann18 April 3, 2019
Love this choreography! Just now Seeing this dance, here, for the first time. I hope to discover more dances from this choreographer and dancer. :-)

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