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16 Tons

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Rob Fowler (ES) & Debbie Ellis (ES) - July 2012
16 Tons - LeAnn Rimes
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Toe Strut, Toe Strut, Rock Step Drag Kick
1,2Right toe strut forward,
3,4Left toe strut forward
5,6Rock forward onto right, recover back onto left foot
7,8Long step back onto right foot, kick left forward

Slow Coaster Step, ¼ Turn Left, Grapevine Right
1,2step back onto left foot, step right together
3,4Step forward onto left foot, ¼ turn to left hitching right knee
5,6Step right to right side, step left behind right,
7,8Step right to right side, touch left foot next to right

Side Touch, Side Touch Grapevine, Rolling Turn Left
1,2Step left to left side, touch right toe diagonally to the left (heel turned slightly inwards)
3,4Step right to right side, touch left next to right
5,6¼ turn to left stepping forward onto left, ½ turn left stepping back onto right
7,8¼ turn to left stepping left to left side, touch right foot next to left

Clap Stomp, Hold, Step ½ Pivot Right, x3 Knee Rolls Forward & Brush
&1,2Clap hands, Stomp right foot forward, hold
3,4Step forward left, ½ pivot turn right
5,6Step forward onto left foot rolling left knee anti clockwise, step forward right, roll right knee clockwise
7,8Step forward onto left foot, rolling left knee ant clockwise, brush right foot forward

TAG: End of Second wall
1-4Step forward onto right foot, click, ½ turn left, click
5-8Step forward onto right foot, click, ½ turn left, click

End of Dance


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