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Pat Stott (UK) - September 2012
Pride - Amy Macdonald : (CD: Life In A Beautiful Light Deluxe Version)
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"Dedicated to all our fantastic athletes who took part in London 2012"

Commence after 16 beats on vocals

Section 1: Walk, Walk, Coaster Step Fwd, Walk Back, Walk Back, Coaster Step
1 2 3&4Walk fwd on right,walk fwd on left, coaster step forward,
5 6 7&8walk back walk back , coaster step

Section 2: Cross, Recover, Chasse Right, Cross, Recover, Chasse Left With 1/4 Turn Left
1 2 3&4cross right over left, recover, chase right
5 6 7&8cross left over right, recover, chasse left with 1/4 turn left

Section 3: Right Toe Fwd, Hold, Switch, Left Toe Fwd, Switch, Right Toe Fwd, Switch, Rock Fwd, Recover, Shuffle Back
1 2&3&4&right toe forward hold, close, left toe forward, close, right toe forward, close
5 6 7&8rock forward on left, recover, shuffle back

Section 4: Reverse 1/2 Turn, 1/4 Pivot, Cross, Side, Weave
1 2 3 4right toe back, reverse 1/2 turn right, step forward on left, 1/4 pivot right transferring weight to right
5 6 7&8cross left over right, right to right, weave behind, side, cross in front
**(during wall 3 & wall 5 add tag 2 and restart)

Section 5: Rock Right, Recover, Cross Shuffle, Rock Left To Left, Recover, Rock Left To Left, Recover
1 2 3&4rock right to right, recover onto left, cross shuffle
5 6 7 8rock left to left, recover, rock left to left, recover

Section 6: Cross, Side, Heel Jack, Close, Cross, Side, Heel Jack, Close
1 2 3&4&cross left over right, right to right, step back on left, close right to left, extend left heel diagonally fwd, close
5 6 7&8&cross right over left, left to left, step back on right, close, extend right heel diagonally fwd, close

Section 7: Cross, Hold, Ball, Cross, Side, Cross, Recover, 1/4 Turning Chasse Left
1 2&3 4cross left over right, hold, small step to right on ball of foot, cross over left, step right to right
5 6 7&8cross left over right, recover on right, chasse with 1/4 turn left

Section 8: Rock Fwd, Recover, Rock Back Looking Back Over Right Shoulder, Recover, Rock Fwd, 1/2 Turn Right, Walk Fwd On Left
1 2 3 4rock forward on right, recover on left, rock back on right turning foot out and looking back over right shoulder , recover to original position
5 6 7 8rock forward on right, recover on left, turn 1/2 right stepping forward on right,
Walk forward on left

(Option for 7 - 8 : turn 1/2 right stepping forward on right pivoting full turn right on right foot and step forward on left)

Tag 1 : End of wall 2 (facing 6 o'clock ) & wall 4 (facing 9 o'clock)
Rocking chair :
Rock fwd on right, recover, rock back on right, recover

**Tag 2: During wall 3 & wall 5
Dance 32 counts then add : rock right to right, recover, rock right to right, recover.
Restart from the beginning of the dance (you will be facing 12 o'clock during wall 3 and you will be facing 3 o'clock during wall 5)

Ending : dance first 2 steps - walk, walk, large step right to right, hold with arms out to the sides.


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