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Till Blown Away

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Easy Intermediate
Gwen Walker (USA) - September 2012
Blown Away - Carrie Underwood
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Start dance 32 counts in at lyrics - No tags and No restarts

Kick step, Kick step, ¼ turn Monterey
1-2Small right kick forward, step right back beside left.
3-4Small left kick forward, step left back beside right.
5-8¼ turn Monterey, touch right out to right side, bring right back beside left turning a ¼ turn to right, touch left out to left side, step left back beside right. (3:00)

Right rock forward, recover, ½ turn right , walk, step ½ turn left, walk, walk.
1-4Rock right forward, recover to left, turn ½ right stepping onto right, step left forward.(9:00)
5-8Step right forward, turn ½ left stepping onto left, walk forward right, left.(3:00)
(option without turns: right rock, recover left, walk back right left, rock back on right recover to left walk forward right left, all steps facing the (3:00) wall.

Rock recover, Coaster, Left step ¼ turn , Cross, side
1-2Rock right forward, recover to left.
3&4Coaster, step right back, bring left back beside right, step right foot forward
5-8Step left forward turn ¼ turn to right(weight on right), cross left over right, step right to side(6:00)

Weave to right, left behind, side, cross, touch, jazz box.
1-4Step left behind right, step right to side, cross left over right, touch right out to side.
5-8Jazz box, cross right over left, small step back on left, step right to right side, step left together beside right.(6:00)

Step right forward, full turn, rock forward recover, rock back recover.
1-4Step right forward turning right toes out (prepping for two step full turn), ½ turn to right stepping back on left, ½ turn right stepping forward on right, step left forward.
5-8Rock right forward, recover to left, rock back onto right, recover to left.
(option: instead of full turn, walk forward left, right. Doing four walking steps before the rocks)

¼ turn left, crossing triple, ¼ right back on left, ¼ right on right, left triple forward
1-2Step right forward, turn ¼ left, (weight on left) (3:00)
3&4Crossing right triple, cross right over left, step left to side, cross right over left.
5-6Step a ¼ to right, stepping back on left, step a ¼ to right stepping forward on right.
7&8Left triple forward, step left forward, step right beside left, step left forward.

Begin again,

Dance will end on 6:00 wall, do the two kicks, start Monterey, touch right out to side , ½ to right facing front wall on last beat of song.

Have fun and Dance from the Heart with JOY


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