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Kate Sala (UK) & Benny Ray (DK) - September 2012
Banjo - Rascal Flatts : (CD: Changed)
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Start on vocals. 16 count intro.

[1-8] Kick Ball Step, Heel Swivel, Step Back, Coaster Step. Ball Step, Step.
1&2Kick R forward. Step down on ball of R. Step forward on L.
&3Swivel both heels left. Swivel both heels back to center. (Weight on R)
4Step back on L.
5&6Step back on R. Step L next to R. Step forward on R.
&7-8Step ball of L next to R. Step forward on R. Step forward on L. 12 o'clock
Tag: Add 4 count Tag here during Wall 4 then continue with counts 9-24
Tag: Add 4 count Tag here during Wall 7 then restart from beginning of dance

[9-16] Step Forward, Swivel x2 Making 1/2 Turn Left, Coaster Step, Walk x2, Kick Ball Point Left.
1&2Step forward on R. Swivel L heel right starting to make 1/2 turn L. Swivel R heel right Completing 1/2 turn L (Weight on Right). 6 o'clock
3&4Step back on L. Step R next to L. Step forward on L.
5-6Walk forward on R, L.
7&8Kick R forward. Step down on R. Point L out to left side.

[17-24] Point Across, Point Left Side, Sailor 1/4 Turn, Step Forward Heel Swivel, Stomp Left Swivel In Toe, Heel.
1-2Point L toe across to right diagonal. Point L toe out to left side.
3&4Make 1/4 turn L cross stepping L behind R. Step R to right side. Step on L to left side. 3 o?clock
5&6Step forward on R. Swivel R heel right. Swivel R heel to center. (Weight on R).
7&8Stomp on L out to left side. Swivel L toe in towards R. Swivel L heel in towards R. (Weight on Left)
Restart from here during Wall 4 facing 6 o'clock

[25-32] Side Rock Right, Recover, Cross Shuffle, Side Rock Left, Recover, Sailor ½ Turn Left.
1-2Side rock on R to right side. Recover on L.
3&4Cross step R over L. Step L to left side. Cross step R over L.
5-6Side rock on L to left side. Recover on to R.
7&8Cross step L behind R. Turn ½ left stepping down on R. Step slightly forward on L. 9 o'clock

Tag: During Wall 4. Dance the first 8 counts only then add 4 Count tag.
1-4Full turn walk around on R, L, R, L. Completing a full circle. 3 o?clock, Continue with counts 9-24 only. Restart facing 12 o'clock.

During Wall 7, dance the first 8 counts then add 4 Count tag and Restart. 12 o'clock.


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