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Sweet Revenge

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Anne Herd (AUS) & Chris Watson (AUS) - September 2012
Blown Away - Carrie Underwood : (CD: Blown Away - iTunes - 3:53)
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Start dancing on lyrics. CW rotation.

V Step, V Step ¼ Turn
1,2,3,4Step R forward to R diagonal, Step L forward to L diagonal, Step R back to centre, Step L back to centre.
5,6,7,8Making a ¼ Turn R, Step R forward to R diagonal, Step L forward to L diagonal, Step R back to centre , step L back to centre.

Side Shuffle, Rock/Replace, Side Shuffle ¼ , Rock/Replace
1&2-3-4Shuffle R stepping RLR, Rock back on L recover to R
5&6-7-8shuffle L stepping LRL. Turn ¼ R, Rock back on R/recover L

½ Monterey Rock/Replace, Step Back Clap
1-2-3-4Touch R to side turn ½ R bring R beside L. Touch L to side bring L beside R.
5-6-7-8Rock R forward/recover L. Step back on R. Clap

Rock Back/Replace. Step Forward Clap ½ Pivot, ¼ Pivot
1-2-3-4Rock back on L/replace R, step forward on L, clap
5-6-7-8Step forward on R, turn ½ L take weight to L. Step forward on R take turn ¼ L take weight to L

[32] Restart dance

Restarts: On walls 5 & 11: dance to count 16, and Restart dance.

NOTE: This dance was choreographed as a split floor with Blown Away by Chris Watson

Anne - 0428693501
Chris Watson - 0404170276 -


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