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Intermediate - Nightclub 2
Shaz Walton (UK) - November 2012
Imagine - John Lennon : (Remastered - iTunes)
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Count in – 16 counts - Start with weight on right (with right knee bent) & left touched forward.

¼ (prep) . ¼. Sweep. Cross back side. Forward. Walk. Walk. Step. ½.
1-2Twist ¼ turn right (keeping weight right) twist ¼ turn left dropping weight to left as you sweep right from back to front.
3Cross step right over left.
4&5Step back left. step right to right. Step left forward.
6-7Walk forward right- left.
8&Step forward right. Make ½ turn left. (Weight left)

Side. Rock. Recover. Side. Back rock. Recover. Step. ¼. Step. Side rock. Recover. Touch.
1-2&Step right to right side. Rock back on left. Recover on right.
3-4-5Step left to left side. Rock back right. Recover on left.
6&7Step forward right. Make ¼ left. Step forward right.
&8&Rock left to left side. Recover on right. Touch left beside right. (Use hips on counts &8)

Sway. Sway. Cross. Step. Cross. Unwind. Side rock cross. Side rock cross.
1-2Step left to left as you sway left. sway right. (weight right)
3&4Cross step left over right. Step right to right side. Cross step left over right.
5unwind ½ right (weight on right)
6&7Rock left to left. recover right. Cross step left over right.
&8&Rock right to right. Recover left. cross step right over left.

Point. Drag. ¼. Shuffle forward. Step. pivot. Step. lock. Step. Step forward.
1-2-3Point left to left side. Drag left up to right. Step left ¼ left forward.
4&5Step right forward. Step left beside right. Step right forward.
6&Step left forward. Pivot ½ turn right.
7&8&Step left forward. Lock right behind left. step left forward (restart point- point left forward). Step right forward.

Rock/lunge. Recover. Sweep. Sweep. Coaster step. Kick. Step. Rocking chair. Step forward.
1Rock/lunge forward on left.
2-3Recover on right as you sweep left from front to back. Step back on left sweeping right from front to back.
4&5Step back right. Step back left. step forward right.
6&Kick left forward. Step left beside right.
7&8&Rock forward right. Recover left. rock back right. Recover left.

¼ basic right. ¼. ¼ sweep. Behind side cross. Rock. Recover ¼. Step. point.
1-2&Make ¼ left stepping right to right side. Cross rock left behind right. Recover on right.
3Make ¼ right stepping back left.
4&5Make ¼ right as you sweep/cross step right behind left. Step left to left. cross step right over left.
6&7Rock left to left side. Recover on right making ¼ right. Step left forward.
8&step right forward. Point left forward with right knee bent.

Restart Wall 3 after 32 count, replace the step left with a point forward left .

Dedicated to Allen & Dorte Hansen & all my wonderful Danish dance family.....
Thank you all for 4 years of fun & friendship! May it long continue xxxx

Contact: - 07762410190


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