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Flower Bud

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Beginner / Improver - NC
Alison Johnstone (AUS) - November 2012
Flower - Kylie Minogue : (iTunes)
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*NO TAGS OR RESTARTS* - Clockwise rotation

(1-8) Nightclub Left, ¼ Right, Pivot ¼ Right, Weave Right, Cross, Recover, Side (6.00)
1, 2&Big step Left, Rock Right behind Left, Recover on Left (&)
3, 4&Step ¼ Right forward, Step forward Left, Pivot ¼ over Right (&),
5&6&Cross Left over Right, Step Right to side, Cross Left behind Right, Step Right to side
7, 8&Cross Left over Right, Recover Right, Small step Left to side (&)

(9-16) Cross, Recover, Side, Rock Forward, Recover, ¼ Left, Cross, Side, Back Right, Sweep Left, Cross Behind, Side Rock, Recover, Cross (3.00)
1, 2&Cross Right over Left, Recover Left, Small step Right to Side (&)
3, 4&Rock forward Left, Recover Right, Step ¼ Left side (&)
5&6Cross Right over Left, Step Left to side, Step back Right sweeping Left front to back
7&8&Cross Left behind Right, Rock Right to side (&), Recover left , Cross Right over Left (&)

(Easier steps for last counts = Cross Left behind Right (7), Sway to Right (8) )

Start Again

**** Ending: on the last count & you will be facing 6.00 simply unwind that final cross over the Left shoulder to face front****

The song has a Tinkerbelle fairy sound and the steps on the & counts are small with the emphasis on the single count larger steps.

This Dance Is Dedicated To All My Beautiful Dancers
I hope you enjoy



alisonjo November 8, 2012
This dance will go to any nightclub music so it is a great to have as your split floor for improver beginners (depending which ending you choose) or indeed for your main classes to use at socials for some dances that you may not have learned :) xx

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