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9 To 5

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High Improver
Do Hee & Bong Hee - March 2020
9 To 5 - Dolly Parton
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[1-8] Vaudeville(x2), (Touch-Together-1/4L Heel-Together) x2
1&2&RF cross over L, LF step to side, RF heel diagonal R forward, RF in place
3&4&LF cross over R, RF step to side, LF heel diagonal L forward, LF in place
5&6&RF touch beside LF, RF in place, 1/4turn left LF heel forward, LF beside RF (9:00)
7&8&RF touch beside LF, RF in place, 1/4turn left LF heel forward, LF beside RF (6:00)

[9-16] Scuff-Side, Swivel, Jazz Box-Together, Heel Split
1 2RF scuff, RF step to side
3&4&LF toe out with RF heel out, both recover, LF heel out with RF toe out, both recover
5&6&RF cross over L, LF back diagonal L, RF step to side, LF together
7&8&Both heel out-in-out-in (Option: with elbows up and down)

[17-24] Rocking Chair, 1/4R Monterey, Scuff-Step-Cross, R Full Turn
1&2&RF rock forward, LF recover, RF rock back, LF recover
3&4&RF point to side R, 1/4turn right RF together, LF point to L, LF together (9:00)
5 6&RF scuff, RF step, RF step forward, LF cross over R
7 8Full turn right

[25-32] Press-Together, Heel-Together, V-Step
1-2RF forward press diagonal R, RF together
3-4LF back diagonal with RF heel, LF together
5-6RF forward diagonal R, LF forward diagonal L
7-8RF back to center, LF beside right

Tag: After wall 3 (3:00)
[1-8] 8 x Walks 3/4 Turn R (12:00)
1-8 8start walking RF end towards - 12:00 (free style)



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