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Feelin' Single

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Intermediate - WCS
Nicola Lafferty (UK) - October 2012
Feelin' Single - R. Kelly : (Album: Write Me Back)
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Intro: 32 Count Intro

[1-8] Sailor Step, Weave, Ballchange, Ball, Flick, 2 x Walks
1&2Cross RF behind LF, Step LF to L side, Recover weight to RF
3&4Cross LF behind RF, Step RF to R side, Cross LF behind RF
&5Angling to L diagonal (10.30) Rock RF back, Recover weight to LF
&6Rock RF back, Recover weight to LF as you flick RF back
7,8Travelling towards diagonal (10.30), Walk RF, LF

[9-16] Syncopated Pivot, Chug Around, Cross Point, Knee Drop
1&2Step RF fwd, ½ Turn over L shoulder, Step RF fwd (face 4.30)
3Touching LF to L side as you make a 3/8 turn to R (face 9.00)
4Touch LF to L side as you make a ¼ turn to R (face 12.00)
5,6Cross Point LF over RF, Step LF to L side
7,8Turn R Knee in (keeping L leg straight), Recover R knee
* On Wall 4 and Wall 8, restart the dance from this point

[17-24] Step Back, Side Rock x 2, Slide & Glide ½ Turn, 2 Walks Fwd
1&2Step RF back, Rock LF to L side, Recover to RF
3&4Step LF back, Rock RF to R side, Recover to LF
5,6Cross the ball of the RF over LF, push down on RF as you slide LF back, make a ½ turn over L shoulder, putting weight to LF
7,8Walk forward RF, LF

[25-32] Close, Rock with Hip Push x 2, Swing Walks back, Sweep
&1,2Close RF to LF, Rock LF to L side pushing hip to L, Recover to RF
&3,4Close LF to RF, Rock RF to R side pushing hip to R, Recover to LF
5,6Walk back on RF (turn L toe out), Walk back on LF (turn R toe out)
7Walk back on RF (turn L toe out)
8Close LF to RF as you sweep RF out and round from front to back

Begin again

Note: There are restarts on Walls 4&8 – See instructions below



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