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If I Could

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Rob Fowler (ES) - September 2012
If I Could - Sunny Sweeney
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Intro: Start on main vocals

SEC 1: Touch Right Heel Forward, Back, Right Shuffle Forward, Rock Step, ¼ Turn Left Chasse Left
1-2Touch Right Heel Forward, Touch Right Toe Back
3&4Right Shuffle Forward RLR
5-6Rock Forward Left, Recover back Right
7&8Make ¼ turn Left Chasse left LRL

SEC 2: Right Cross, Side, Sailor step Right, Left Cross, Side, ½ Hinge turn Left, Touch Left
1-2Cross Right Over Left, Step Left to Left Side
3&4Right Sailor Step RLR
5-6Cross Left Over Right, Step Right To Right Side
7-8Make ½ Hinge turn Left stepping Left to Left Side, Touch Right next to Left

SEC 3: Chasse Right, ½ turn Right Chasse Left, ½ turn Right Chasse Right, Rock, Recover
1&2Chasse Right RLR
3&4Make ½ turn Right Chasse Left LRL
5&6Make ½ turn Right Chasse Right RLR
7-8Rock Left Over Right, Recover back on Right

SEC 4: Chasse Left, Jazz Box, Jump Forward Clap
1&2Chasse Left LRL
3-4Cross Right Over Left, Step Back Left
5-6Step Right To Right Side, Step Forward Left
&7-8Little Jump Forward Right Out, Left Out, Clap

Tags: End of walls 2, 4, 6
Heel Grind ½ Turn Right, Step back, Coaster Step, Repeat, Shuffle Forward Right, Rock Step
1-2Touch right Heel Forward Making ½ turn Right, Step Back Left
3&4Right Coaster Step RLR
5-8Repeat 1-4

Shuffle Forward Right, Rock Step, Jump back Right Left, Hold, Hell Fans In( Alt Apple Jacks)
1&2Shuffle Forward Right RLR
3-4Rock Forward Left, Recover Back Right
&5-6Little Jump Back Left Out, Right Out, Hold
&7&8Fan Right heel In, Fan Right heel out, Fan Left Heel In, Fan Left Heel Out

Thanks to Donna Wilde for the Music XX


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