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Trouble Maker

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High Improver
Wendy Loh (MY) - April 2012
Trouble Maker - Trouble Maker (트러블 메이커)
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Dance starts after 32 counts.

Dance Intro (when singer says 1,2,3)
1-4Knee Pop R, L, R, Hold
(Styling : Place LH across chest, Place RH over LH, Both hands down to side

1-4Chest Pop 4 times,
5-8Slow Forward Body Roll, placing weight on LF

Section 1 : Walk forward 4 times, Step Touch, Step Touch
1-4Walk forward R, L, R, L
(Styling ; LH on hip, Flick RH out to R side with each step like Micheal Jackson’s style)
5-8Step RF to R side, Touch LF to L side, Step LF in place, Step RF to R side
(Styling : Body Roll with each Step Touch)

Section 2 : R Sailor Step, ¼ L Sailor Step, Shoulder Roll
1&2Step RF behind LF, step LF beside RF, step RF to R side
3&4Turn ¼ L & step LF behind RF, step RF beside LF, Touch LF forward
5-6Both feet in place, Swing R shoulder forward (5), Swing shoulder back, tilt body slightly to R side (6)
7-8Repeat 5-6

Section 3 : Cross Touch, Hand Movements, Knee Roll, Hip Bump
1,2Turn ¼ R & Cross LF over RF, Touch RF to R side
(Styling : LH on hip (1), Place RH across chest (2))
3,4Both feet in place (3), Touch RF beside LF (4)
(Styling : RH on R shoulder (3), Flick RH out to R side (4))
5,6Step RF to R side & Roll R knee out toward R side, Touch LF in place
7,8Both feet in place, bounce L hip twice

Section 4 : Step back with Hip Roll, Body Roll, Hand & Head Movements
1,2Step LF back, Touch RF in place & roll R hip forward
3,4Step RF back, Touch LF in place & roll L hip forward
5,6Both feet in place & do body roll
7,8Point LF to L side, Hold

Section 5 : Walk back, Body Roll, Hip Bump
1-4Step LF back, Step RF back, Step LF back, Step RF back
(Option : May do mash potato walk)
5,6Touch LF back and do body roll slightly diagonal to R (1:30)
7&8Transfer weight to LF and do hip bumps L,R,L (12:00)

Section 6 : Toe in, Toe Out, Toe In, Ball, Point, Step Back Point, Step Forward Point
1,2,3&4Touch R toe in beside LF, Touch R toe out to R, Touch R toe in beside L, Step RF in place, Point LF to L
5,6Cross LF behind RF, Touch RF diagonal back (10:30),
7,8Step RF forward, Touch LF to L side (12:00)

Section 7 : Cross Point, Jazz Box, Cross, Hip Bump R,L
1,2Cross LF over RF, Point RF to R side
3-6Cross RF over LF, Step LF back, Step RF to R side, Cross LF over RF
7,8Step RF to R & Push R hip out, Push L hip out

Section 8 : Walk, Walk, Step ½ Turn, Hip Bumps
1,2Step RF forward, Step LF forward
3,4Step RF forward, Turn ½ L placing weight on LF
5&6Step RF to R side & do push R hip out twice
7&8Push L hip out twice

Tag (Insert)
At Wall 2, dance 32 counts and do 4 count hip sway, L,R,L,R
Continue dance on Count 33 after tag.



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