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Wendy Loh (MY) - March 2012
Fiction - BEAST
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Dance starts 32 counts after vocal

‘Penguin’ Steps, Touch Hitch Step 2x
12Step RF in place & gentle scuff LF out to L & return, Step LF in place & gentle scuff RF out to R & return
34Repeat Step 1-2
&5&6Step RF beside LF, Touch LF to L side, Hitch LF, Step LF beside RF
7&8Touch RF to R side, Hitch RF, Touch RF beside LF

‘Penguin’ Steps, Touch Hitch Step 2x
1-6Repeat above steps
7&8Touch RF to R side, Hitch RF, Step RF beside LF

Drag, Step, Jump, Cross touch, Hand movement, Unwind Turn ¾ R
12Step LF to L side, Step RF beside LF
(Styling : LH on hip & Push RH out to R, Both hands down at side)
34Jump with both feet apart, Touch RF behind LF
(Styling : Open both arms out to side with palm facing up (3), R fist out to R side & LH near chest (4))
56Both feet still in place
(Styling : L fist out to L side & RH near chest (5), LH on hip & R hand out to lower R with palm facing up (6)
78Unwind to turn ¾ R, Hold placing weight on LF

Sailor step 2x, Shoulder Roll
1&2Step R behind left, step L beside R, step R to side
3&4Turn ¼ L step L behind right, step R beside L, step L to side
5Touch RF forward & bend body forward
6-8Slowly roll shoulder back to upright position transferring weight to LF

Tag : After Wall 4 (12:00)
1-4Cross RF over LF and slowly make a full turn unwind to L
5-8Hold & Pose in deep thought ^o^



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