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Blown Away Again

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Easy Intermediate
Pam Conner (USA) - December 2012
Blown Away - Carrie Underwood
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Start after 32 count intro.

[1-8] Full turn right, full turn left w/ scuff.
1,2,3,4Step with right, left, right, point left, making full turn to the right. 12:00
5,6,7,8Step with left, right, left, scuff right, making full turn to the left. 12:00

[9-16] Two jazz boxes, turning right.
1,2,3,4Cross right over left, step back left making a 1/4 turn right, step side right, step left front, 3:00
5,6,7,8Then repeat. 6:00
*Restart here on 6th wall. (12:00)

[17-24] Step and touch and heel jack, two shuffles back.
1,2&3,4Step right forward, touch left toe behind, then step back on left (&3) and place right heel forward. 6:00
5&6, 7&8Shuffle back right, left, right then left, right, left. 6:00

[25-32] Behind, unwind 3/4 right, rock, recover, cross shuffle, rock recover.
1,2,3,4Place right toe behind left, unwind 3/4 right transferring weight to right, rock recover to left side. 3:00
5&6, 7,8Cross shuffle left, right left, then side rock recover on right, left. 3:00

[33-40] Repeat steps [25-32]. 12:00

[41-48] Weave to left, hinge turn right, weave to right.
1,2,3,4Weave to left with right behind, left side, right front, hinge on left foot 1/2 turn to the right. 12:00
5,6,7,8Weave to the left with right side, left front, right side, left behind. 6:00
*Restart here on wall 3. (6:00)

[49-56] Step 1/4 turn right, hitch left, step left, hitch right & rock right, step back on left while turning 3/4 turn right, step left.
1,2,3,4Turn 1/4 right stepping forward with right (1), hitch left (2) then step forward crossing left over right (3), hitch left (4). 9:00
5,6,7,8Rock right, recover to left 1/4 turn right, step right continuing 1/2 turn right, step left. 6:00

[57-64] Right rocking chair, jump forward, clap, knee split.
1,2,3,4Rock forward right, recover left, rock back right, recover left.
&5,6,7,8Jump forward with right then left (&5), clap (6), then open and shut knees (7,8). 6:00

* Restarts 1 on Wall 3, Restart 2 on Wall 6.



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