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Full Throttle (aka The Only Way I Know)

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Steve Lustgraaf (USA) - December 2013
The Only Way I Know (with Luke Bryan & Eric Church) - Jason Aldean : (Album: Night Train)
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Start dance on vocals, 32 counts in.

Scissors Step x2, Back Right Turn, Chase Turn
1&2Rock L to left side, replace weight R, Cross L over R
3&4Rock R to right side, replace weight L, Cross R over L
5&6Step slightly back L, ½ turn right stepping R, Step forward L (6 o’clock)
7&8Step forward R, ½ turn left stepping L, step forward R (12 o’clock)

Walk, Walk, Coaster Step, Step Lock Step, Back, Back, Sit
9-10Step forward L, Step forward R
11&12Step forward L, step R next to L, step back L
13&14Step back R, step back L slightly across R, step back R
15&16Step back L, step back R, squat slightly keeping L touched in front of R (weight is on R)

Run, Run, Run, ¼ turn, ½ turn, Cross Rock ¼ Turn, Full Turn Triple
17&18Step forward L, R, L (small running steps)
19-20¼ turn left step side R (9 o’clock), ½ turn left step side L (3 o’clock)
21&22Cross R over L, replace L, ¼ turn right step forward R (6 o’clock)
23&24½ turn right step back L, ½ turn right step forward R, step forward L (6 o’clock)

Syncopated Lock Steps, Mambo, Coaster Step
25&26&Step forward R, step L behind R, step forward R, step forward L
27&28Step R behind L, step forward L, step forward R
29&30Rock forward L, replace R, step L next to R
31&32Step back R, step L next to R, step forward R

Start again

Restart: Dance the first two walls, then dance to count 8 and Start from the beginning.

Ending: The dance ends on count 17. After the sit on 16, place weight on left foot and turn to the front.

Steve Lustgraaf - e-mail:
Intime Dance Productions


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