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He Gotta Go (aka Kevin's Cruise)

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GYTAL (USA) - January 2013
He Gotta Go by Pussy Cat Dolls
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Right To Side, Cross Left Behind Right, Right Side Triple, Step Left Forward, Right Lock, Left Triple Forward
1-2Step right to right, cross left behind right
3&4Step right to right, bring left to right, step right to right
5-6Step left forward, lock right behind left
7&8Step left forward, cross right behind left, step left forward

Touch Ronde ½ Turn, Right Sailor (6:00), Step Left To Side, Bring Right To Left, Left Triple Forward
9-10Touch right forward, sweep right leg to right turning ½ to right (turning on left heel)
11&12Step right foot behind left step left, right
13-14Step left to side, step right to left
15&16Step left forward, bring right to left, step right forward

Touch Cross Right Over Left Spin Turn ½ To Left (12) (Keep Weight On Left, Hip Bumps Right, Left, Right, Step Left To Side Bring Right To Left, Left Triple Forward
17-18Touch cross right over left, turn ½ to left keep weight on left
19&20Bump hips right, left, right
21-22Step left to side bring right together
23&24Step left forward, bring right to left, step left forward

Right Toe, Heel, Left Kick Ball Step, Turn ¼ Left Toe Heel (9:00), Right Kick Ball Step
25-26Step right toe down, step on right heel
27&28Kick left foot forward, step left foot slightly back, step left foot forward
29,30Turn ¼ To Left Stepping Left Toe Down, Step On Left Heel
31&32Kick right foot forward, step right foot slightly back, step left foot forward

Syncopated Monterey
33-34,35&36Touch right to side turn ½ to right on left foot (3:00), step right, touch left to left, step on left, touch right toe to right syncopated jazz box
37-38,39&40Cross right over left, step left back, step right together, cross left over right, scuff right heel to side,

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