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Aussie Summer

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Michael Schmidt (DE) - January 2013
Summer - Sunny Cowgirls
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Walk, Walk, Chassé Forward Left, Rock, Recover, Chassé Back Turning ½ Right
1-2walk left forward, walk right forward,
3&4chassé forward left-right-left
5-6rock right forward, recover weight to left
7&8(start a full turn) chassé back right-left-right turning ½ right

Chassé Forward ½ Turn Right, Right Coaster Step, Step, Brush ,Step Brush
1&2(to complete a full turn, continue) chassé forward left-right-left turning ½ right
3&4step right back, step left together, step right forward
5-6step left forward, brush right
7-8step right forward, brush left
*1 Restart here on wall 4

Rock, Recover, Coaster Step, Chassé Forward Right, Step ½ Turn Right
1-2rock left diagonally forward, recover to right
3&4step left back, step right together, step left forward
5&6chassé forward right-left-right
7-8step left forward, turn ½ right (keep weight on right foot)

Step ¼ Turn Right , Stomp Left, Stomp Right, Swivet Left, Swivet Right
1-2step left forward, turn ¼ right (keep weight on right foot)
3-4stomp left forward, stomp right together
5(with weight on left heel and right toe) swivet right heel to right and left toe to left,
6back to center
7(change weight on right heel and left toe) swivet left heel left and right toe to right
8back to center (keep weight on right foot)
Styling-Options: * just smile and have fun

REPEAT, Smile & Have Fun

RESTART : *1 Restart on wall 4: dance the first 16 counts then Restart the dance - facing 3:00

FINISH: on wall 12 (3:00) add: step left turning ¼ left, stomp right together - facing 12:00 (front wall)
that will allow us to look into the eyes of the band, keep smiling with them and (if you like) with a small handle at the brim of your hat, just say a nice little thank you



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