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90's Country
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Easy Intermediate
Adrian Churm U.K (27 October 2018)
90's Country by Walker Hayes
Sec 1: Step, slide touch, scissor step, side, slide in, ball cross, side.
&1 – 2Step right foot to right diagonal, slide left up to towards right, touch left next to right .
3&4Step left to the side, close right towards left, step left across right.
5 – 6Step right to the right side (long step), allow left to slide in toward towards right slightly.
&7 – 8Step ball of left behind right, step right across left, step left to the side.

Sec 2: Behind, ¼ turn left, forward, ¼ turn left, touch, step across, hip sways L & R.
1 – 2Step right behind left, ¼ turn left stepping left forward.
3 – 4Step right forward, ¼ turn left, (weight ends on left to the side).
5 – 6Touch right toe in front of left, step right across left.
7 – 8Step left to the side hips sway left, sway hips back to centre (weight on right).
*Tag & Restart here wall 3 (see notes at bottom of script)

Sec 3: Syncopated close into side rock recover, sailor step, touch behind, ½ turn left, ¼ turn left.
&1 – 2Close left next to right, rock right out to the side, recover onto left.
3&4Step right behind left, step left to the side, step right to the side.
5 – 6Touch left toe back behind left, ½ turn left (weight ends forward on left).
7 – 8Step right forward, ¼ turn left (weight ends on left to the side).

Sec 4: Cross brush, hook ¼ turn right, shuffle or lock forward, ½ turn right, shuffle or lock forward
1 – 2Brush right forward across left, ¼ turn right as right hooks across left shin.
3&4shuffle forward (or lock step) R,L,R.
5 – 6Step left forward, ½ turn right (weight ends forward on right).
7&8Shuffle forward (lock step) L,R,L.

Sec 5: full turn forward, shuffle or lock forward, forward rock recover, walk back.
1 – 2½ turn left ending right foot back, ½ turn left ending left foot forward (easy option walk forward)
3 & 4Shuffle (or lock step forward) R,L,R.
5 – 6Rock left forward, recover back onto right.
7 – 8Walk back L,R.

Sec 6: Sweep and Swagger back, rock back, recover, ¼ turn left.
&1 – 2Step back on left, sweep right from front to right side over two counts
&3&4Step back on right sweep left front to left side, Step back on left, sweep right from front to right side.
Styling note the all above sweeps are done with a slight swagger e.g. as right leg sweeps around you roll right shoulder and right side back at the same time and the same with left sweep with left shoulder and side.
5 – 6Rock back onto right, recover forward onto left.
7 – 8Step right forward make a ¼ turn left, weight ends on left,

Tags & Restarts
End of wall 1: facing 3 o’clock, end of wall 4 facing 12 o’clock, end of wall 6 facing 6 o’clock
Rocking Chair
1 – 4Rock right forward, recover back, rock right back, recover forward.

Wall 3: after count 8 of section 2
1 – 4Touch left heel forward, touch left toe back, ¼ turn left, touch right next to left
Restart dance facing 9 o’clock
Optional ending at the end of the song after count 8 of section 2 turn ¼ left to face front.

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