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Take It Easy On Me

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High Beginner
Alison Johnstone (AUS) - January 2013
Take It Easy On Me - Beth Hart : (Album: My California - iTunes)
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Start: On Vocals “God Bless This”

(1-8) Walk, Walk, Walk, Rock Forward, Recover, Back Sweep, Back Sweep, Back Sweep, Right Behind, Turn ¼ Over Left stepping Left (&), Step Forward Right (9.00)
1, 2, 3Walk forward Right, Walk forward Left, Walk forward Right
4&Rock forward Left, Rock back Right (&)
5,Step Back Left sweep Right
6, 7Walk back Right sweep Left, Walk Back Left sweep Right,
8&1Step Right behind Left, ¼ turn over left stepping on Left , Step Right forward

(9-16) Rock Forward, Recover, Back Lock Step, Rock Back, Recover, ¼ Turn Left Step Right Side Drag (6.00)
2, 3Rock forward on Left, Recover on Right
4&5Step Back Left, lock Right over Left (&), Step Back left (Back Lock Step)
6, 7Rock Back on Right, Recover Left
8¼ Turn over Left stepping Right to side dragging Left towards Right
*** RESTART walls 4 and 8 FACING FRONT simply add an (&) count by stepping on Left ready to Walk again

(17-24) Behind, Side (&), Front, Rock Side, Recover, Behind, Side (&), Front, Step Left, Touch Right Next To Left (6.00)
1&2Step Left behind Right, Step Right Side (&), Step Left in front Right
3, 4Rock Right to Side, Recover On Left
5&6Step Right behind Left, Step Left to Side (&), Step Right in Front of Left
7, 8Step Left, Touch Right beside Left

***Restart: On walls 4 and 8 after count 16 ADD THE & step***
This is very easy as the dance is SLOW. Just say restart and they will remember to step on left so they can walk forward again.
The restart also is on the FRONT WALL to be the same as the Intermediate dance.

Ending: You will be facing front as the music fades…simply start the new wall with your Walk Walk then you final Walk in a pose VOILA

Dance choreographed for my Beginner class as a split floor for “Hurt Me Carefully” by Ria Vos as I knew they would love the music but could not find a suitable alternative due to the count




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