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Technicolor Kisses

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High Improver / Easy Intermediate
Karl-Harry Winson (UK) - February 2013
Because We Can - Bon Jovi : (Single - iTunes)
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Intro: 48 Counts/27 Secs

Walk Forward X2. Step Lock-Step. 1/4 Rock. Weave 1/4 Right.
1 – 2Walk forward on Right. Walk forward on Left.
3&4Step forward on Right. Lock Left behind Right. Step Right forward.
5 – 6Make 1/4 turn Right Rocking Left to Left side swaying hips Left. Recover weight on Right.
7&8Cross Left behind Right. Make 1/4 Right stepping Right forward. Step forward on Left.*Restart

Optional Arm Movements for Counts 5 – 6 (Side Rock/Sway-Recover):
Even though you can perform the arm movements on every wall if you want, during the chorus it is most effective as it happens on the word “Wave”. Your arms should create a “Wave” motion.
At the same time, with your palms down facing towards the floor and your fingers pointing Left, start with your hands level with your chest and push your Right hand down in front of you through the centre part of your body and your Left hand down slightly by your Left side. Keep pushing both of your hands whilst you bring them up and out to your left side. Your palms should now both be facing the Left side of the room with fingers pointing up in the air.

Right Samba Step. Cross Step. Side Step. Left Sailor-Heel. Right Heel Jack.
1&2Step forward on Right crossing slightly over Left. Rock Left to Left side. Recover weight on Right.
3 – 4Cross step Left over Right. Step Right to Right side.
5&6Cross Left behind Right. Step Right out to Right side. Dig Left heel towards Left diagonal.
&7Step Left beside Right. Cross step Right over Left.
&8Step Left out to Left side and slightly back. Dig Right heel to Right diagonal.

& Cross Rock. Chasse Left. Cross Rock. Chasse 1/4 turn.
&1-2Step Right beside Left. Cross Rock Left over Right. Recover weight on Right.
3&4Step Left to Left side. Close Right beside Left. Step Left to Left side.
5 – 6Cross rock Right over Left. Recover weight back on Left.
7&8Step Right to Right side. Close Left beside Right. Make 1/4 Right stepping Right forward (9.00).

Forward Rock. Triple Full Turn. Forward Rock. Shuffle 1/2 turn. Step.
1 – 2Rock forward on Left. Recover weight back on Right.
3&4Triple full turn Left on the spot stepping: Left, Right, Left (9.00).
5 – 6Rock forward on Right. Recover weight back on Left.
7&8Shuffle 1/2 turn Right stepping: Right, Left, Right (3.00).
&Step Left beside Right with weight. *Tag, happens here at the end of Wall 8 facing 3.00
Note: Can replace counts 3&4 (Triple Full turn) with a Left Coaster step stepping: Back-Together-Forward.

Restart: On Wall 4 you start facing the 9.00 wall, dance the first 8 Counts (Section 1) and restart the dance facing 3.00.

Tag: Step. Pivot 1/2 turn X2. Happens at the end of Wall 8 facing 3.00 Wall
1 – 4Step Right forward. Pivot 1/2 turn Left. Step Right forward. Pivot 1/2 turn Left.

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