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Juliet Lam (USA) - February 2013
Let's Never Stop Falling in Love - Pink Martini : (Album: Hang On Little Tomato)
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Intro:16 count, starts on vocals – approx. 8 seconds into track
Featured in Linedancer Magazine’s “FIRST IN LINE”

Sec 1: Side, Hold (Drag), Rock Back, Recover, 1/4 Right, Hold, Step, Pivot 1/2 Turn Right
1 -4Big step to left, Hold, (drag right toward left) rock back on right, recover on left
5 –6Make ¼ right, step right forward, Hold (3:00)
7 -8Step left forward, pivot ½ turn right (9:00)

Sec 2: Forward, Hold, Full Turn Left, Rocking Chair
1 -2Step left forward, Hold
3 -4Make ½ left, step back on right, make ½ left, step left forward (9:00)
5 -8Rock forward on right, recover on left, rock back on right, recover on left

Sec 3: Corte (Press) Hold, Step, Hold, Back, Hold, Back, Hook
1 - 2Right big step forward to right diagonal, bend right knee, pointing left toe, Hold
3 - 4Stepping down left in place, Hold (Weight on left)
5 - 6Step back on right, Hold
7 – 8Step back on left, hook right across left knee

Sec 4: Forward Lock Step, 1/4 turn right, Hitch, Forward Lock Step 1/2 Turn Left, Hitch
1 - 4Step forward on right, lock left behind right, step forward on right, ¼ turn right, hitch left (12:00)
5 - 8Step forward on left, lock right behind left, step forward on left, 1/2 turn left, hitch right Keeping both feet together (Weight on left) (6:00)

Sec 5: Cross, Side, Behind, Sweep, Behind, Side, Cross, 1/4 Turn Left
1 – 4Cross right over left, step left to left side, cross right behind left, sweep left from front to back
5 – 8Cross left behind right, step right to right side, cross left over right, ¼ left, step right back (3:00)

Sec 6 Back, Hold, Back, Back, 1/2 Turn Right, Hold, Step, Pivot 1/2 Turn Right
1 – 4Back on left, Hold, run back right, left
5 – 8Turn ½ right, step right forward, Hold, step left forward, pivot 1/2 turn right (3:00)

Sec 7: Cross Rock, Hold, Recover, Rock, Hitch, Cross Rock, Hold, Recover, Rock Hold
1 – 4Cross rock left over right to right diagonal, Hold, recover on right, cross rock left over right, hitch right
5 – 8Cross rock right over left to left diagonal, Hold, recover on left, cross rock right over left, Hold

Sec 8: Side Rock, Hold, Recover, Together, Side Rock, Hold, Recover, Together
1 – 4Side rock on left side, Hold, recover on right, step left next to right (3:00)
5 – 8Side rock on right side, Hold, recover on left, step right next to left

Start Again And Enjoy!!!

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