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Tango Burlesque

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Phrased Improver
Lory & Stefy - February 2013
DJ BERTA - Ballo di gruppo - TANGO BURLESQUE
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Intro: 32 counts - Seq: AAAA-BB-AAAA-A

Part A - 32 counts
1-4Step L forward, hold, step R side, hold
5-8Step L back, hold, step R back, big step L to side

9-12Step R together, hold, cross L over R, step R to side
13-16Cross L behind R, flick R back, cross R over L, step L to side

17- 20Cross R behind L, touch L to side, flick L behind R, touch L to side & slightly forward
21-24Flick L over R, step L forward, touch ball of R behind L, touch R side

25-28Cross R over L, step L back, step R back, flick L over R
29-32Step L forward, turn 1/4 left and touch R to side, step R together, hold

Part B - 32 counts
1-4Big step R to side,drag L together, sweep up and curl L toe next to R
5-8Big step L to side, drag R together, sweep up and curl R toe next to L

9-12Step R forward slightly crossing L, hold, step L forward slightly crossing R, hold
13-16Repeat 9-12

17-20Sweep R toe up across L, hold, sweep R toe down and turn 1/4 right, touch R together
21-24Step R forward, hold, step L forward, hold

25-28Repeat 17-20
29-32Touch R toe over L, cross R toe to side, touch R toe behind L, stomp R together

ENDING: On final wall, facing 12:00 do not turn on Count 30.
30-32Touch R to side, touch R together, big step R to side



dancer33 March 1, 2015
Love this but does anyone know the piece of music thank you

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