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Leave You Alone

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Intermediate - waltz
José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Joey Warren (USA) - March 2013
Leave You Alone - Kris Allen
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R Twinkle, L Twinkle with 1/8 Turn L
1-2-3Cross R over L slightly turning to L diagonal, Step L out to L, Recover weight over to R as you square up to 12 o’clock
4-5-6Cross L over R slightly turning to R diagonal, Step R out to R, Recover weight over to L with 1/8th Turn now facing L diagonal (@ 10:30 diagonal)

Step R Fwd w/ Slide-Hold, Back Step L, R, ½ Turn L
1-2-3Step R fwd, Hold for counts 2-3 as you slide L foot up to R (still on diagonal here)
4-5-6Step back on L, Step back on R, ½ Turn L stepping L fwd, (now @ 4:30 diagonal)

Step Pivot 3/8 Turn Back to Front, Cross, ¼ Turn, ¼ Turn
1-2-3Step R fwd, Pivot 3/8 Turn L ending with weight on L for count 3 (@ 12 o’clock)
4-5-6Cross R over L, ¼ Turn R stepping L back, ¼ Turn R stepping R to R side

Cross, ¼ Turn, ¼ Turn, Step R ¼ Turn Fwd, Step Together-Recover
1-2-3Cross L over R, ¼ Turn L stepping R back, ¼ Turn L stepping L out to L
4-5-6¼ Turn L stepping R fwd, Step L beside R, Recover slightly back on to R

L Back Together-Back, ½ Turn Step-Together Forward
1-2-3Big step back on L, Step R beside L, Step back slightly on L
4-5-6Step back R, Start ½ Turn L stepping L beside R, Finish ½ Turn stepping R fwd

Step L Forward w/ ½ Turn Sweep, Cross-Rock-Recover
1-2-3Step L fwd, Make ½ Turn L sweeping R around (weight stays on L)
4-5-6Cross rock R over L, Recover back on L, Step R out to R

L Step to R Diagonal w/ Sweep Around, Touch, Full Turn
1-2-3Step L fwd toward R diagonal (starting R sweep), Continue R sweep, Touch R toe slightly in front of L
4-5-6Step R fwd (on diagonal), ½ Turn R stepping L back, ½ Turn R stepping R fwd
* This section should be done @ 10:30 diagonal

Cross Rock Recover with 3/8 Turn, Step ¾ Turn
1-2-3Cross rock L over R, Recover back R, 3/8 Turn L stepping L fwd (@ 6 o’clock)
4-5-6Step R fwd starting ¾ Turn L, Finish Turn by stepping L out to L (@ 9 o’clock)

Restarts: All 3 happen in the same place!!! Dance the first 12 counts ending with your ½ Turn L stepping L fwd. You will be ready to start with your R twinkle here….

Sequence: 48, 48, 12 - Restart @ 12 o’clock, 48, 12 - Restart @ 3 o’clock, 48, 12 – Restart @ 6 o’clock, 48 rest of way

Contacts: Joey @ - Jose @


raycie6649 April 20, 2013
Love the music, Great choreography, Don't be put off by the 3 Restarts the music tells you when, Really catching on in our area with a number of classes now teaching.

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