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Fire On The Mountain

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Darren Bailey (UK) - February 2013
Country Music Jesus - Eric Church
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16 count intro, approx 21 secs

Section 1: Walk Forward x 2, Anchor Step, Walk Back x 2, Sailor 1/2 Turn
1 – 2Step right forward. Step left forward.
3 & 4Anchor right behind left heel. Change weight onto left. Step right back.
5 – 6Step left back. Step right back.
7 &Turn 1/4 left crossing left behind right. Step right beside left.
8Turn 1/4 left stepping left forward.

Section 2: Ball Cross 1/4 Turn, Hold, Ball Cross x 2, Side Rock, Behind, 1/4 Turn, Step
& 1 – 2Turn 1/4 left stepping right to right side. Cross left over right. Hold.
& 3 & 4Step right to right side. Cross left over right. Step right to side. Cross left over right.
5 – 6Rock right to right side. Recover onto left.
7 & 8Cross right behind left. Turn 1/4 left and step left forward. Step right forward.

Section 3: Wizard of Oz Right, Heel Switches, Wizard of Oz Left, Heel Switches
& 1 – 2Step left beside right. Step right diagonally forward right. Cross left behind right.
& 3 & 4Step right to side. Touch left heel forward. Step left beside right. Touch right heel forward.
& 5 – 6Step right beside left. Step left diagonally forward left. Cross right behind left.
& 7 & 8Step left to side. Touch right heel forward. Step right beside left. Touch left heel forward.

Section 4: & Forward Rock, Shuffle 1/2 Turn, Forward Rock, Shuffle 3/4 Turn
& 1 – 2Step left beside right. Rock forward on right. Recover onto left.
3 & 4Shuffle step 1/2 turn right, stepping - right, left, right.
5 – 6Rock forward on left. Recover onto right.
7 & 8Shuffle step 3/4 turn left, stepping - left, right, left.

Tag: There is one short Tag at the end of Wall 6
Rock Forward, Rock Back
1 – 2Rock forward on right. Recover onto left.
3 – 4Rock back on right. Recover onto left.

Note The steps do not change but the music does when the beat picks up and vice versa.
You can adapt your dancing to suit, eg section 1 counts 5-6, skip backwards.


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