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Love Is The Drug

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Alan Birchall (UK) & Alison Johnstone (AUS) - March 2013
Love Is the Drug - Roxy Music : (Album: Various Albums - iTunes)
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(1-8) Rock Back, Recover, Big Step, Drag, Behind, Side, Cross, Rock Recover (12.00)
1-2Rock Back Left, Recover On Right
3-4Take A Big Step To Left, Drag Right Up To Left
5&6Cross Right Behind Left, Step Left To Left (&), Cross Right Over Left
Dance finishes here facing Front wall, simply Unwind A Full Turn Left
7-8Rock Left To Left, Recover On Right

(9-16) Behind, Side, Cross, ¼ Paddle Turns x3 (3:00)
1&2Cross Left Behind Right, Step Right To Right (&), Cross Left Over Right
3, 4Touch Right To Right, Make ¼ Left 9:00
5, 6Touch Right To Right, Make ¼ Left 6:00
7, 8Touch Right To Right, Make ¼ Left 3:00

(17-24) Cross, Side, Behind & Heel, Cross, ¼ Turn, ¼ Shuffle Forward (9.00)
1, 2Cross Right Over Left, Step Left To Left
3&4Cross Right Behind Left, Step Left To Left (&), Extend Right Heel (Heel Jack)
&5, 6Step On To Right (&), Cross Left Over Right, Step Back Right Making ¼ Turn Left 12:00
7&8Making ¼ Turn Left Shuffle Forward Left, Together (&), Left 9.00

(25-32) Hip Bumps Forward Right, Hip Bumps Forward Left, Step, ¼ Pivot, Cross, Side, Side (6:00)
1&2Step Forward On Right Bumping Hips, Forward, Back (&), Forward
3&4Step Forward On Left Bumping Hips, Forward (&), Back, Forward
5, 6Step Right forward, Pivot ¼ Left 6:00
7&8Cross Right Over Left, Step Left To Left (&), Step Right To Right

(33-40) Cross Rock, Recover, Side Chasse, Cross Rock, Recover, ¼ Chasse (9:00)
1, 2Cross Rock Left Over Right, Recover On Right,
3&4Step Left To Left, Right By Left (&), Left To Left, (Chasse)
5, 6Cross Rock Right Over Left, Recover On Left
7&8Step Right To Right, Step Left By Right (&), Making ¼ Turn Right Step Forward On Right 9:00

(41-48) Walk, Walk, Step ½ Pivot, ½ Turn, ½ Triple Turn (3.00)
1, 2Walk Forward On Left, Walk Forward On Right
3-4Step Forward On Left, ½ Pivot Right 3:00
5, 6Step Forward On Left, Making ½ Turn Left Step Back On Right 9:00
7&8Make ½ Triple Turn Left Stepping Left, Right (&), Left 3:00

(49-56) Jazz Jumps Forward & Back, Shimmy Right, Shimmy Left (3.00)
&1, 2Jazz Jump Forward Landing Right (&), Left, Click Fingers ‘High’
&3-4Jazz Jump Back, Landing Right (&), Left, Click Fingers ‘Low’
5&6Rock Right To Right & Shimmy’ Shoulders
7&8Recover On Left & ‘Shimmy’ Shoulders

(57-64) Rock Back, Recover, Step ½ Pivot, Full Turn, ¼ Chasse (6:00)
1-2Rock Back On Right, Recover On Left
3-4Step Forward On Right, ½ Pivot Left 9:00
5-6Full Turn Over Left Shoulder Stepping Back On Right, Forward On Left (Option: Walk, Walk)
7&8Making ¼ Turn Left Step Right To Right, Left By Right (&), Right To Right (¼ Side Chasse) 6.00



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