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Silence is Golden

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Rene & Reg Mileham (UK) - March 2013
Silence Is Golden - The Tremeloes : (CD: The Best 60's Album In The World...Ever!)
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16 count intro (110 bpm - Style: Pop) No Tags, No Restarts

Section 1: Weave, sweep, behind, side, cross, point
1 – 2Cross Right over Left. Step Left to Left side.
3 – 4Cross Right behind Left. Sweep Left out to left side.
5 – 6Step Left behind Right. Step Right to Right side.
7 – 8Cross step Left over Right. Point Right out to right side

Section 2: Cross shuffle, side chasse, step making1/4 turn right, touch, step touch
1 & 2Cross Right over Left, close Left to Right, step Right forward
3 & 4Step Left to left side, close Right to Left, step Left to left side
5 – 6Step Right to right side making ¼ turn right, touch Left to Right (3.00)
7 - 8Step Left to left side, touch Right to Left

Section 3: Side Rock, hold, cross rock, recover. Repeat to Left
1 – 2Rock Right to right side, hold
3 – 4Cross rock Left over Right, recover onto Right
5 – 6Rock Left to left side, hold
7 – 8Cross rock Right over Left, recover onto Left

Section 4: Triple ½ turn (R) Rock back, recover. Triple ½ turn (L), Rock, recover
1 & 2Triple ½ turn right (9.00)
3 – 4Rock back on Left, recover onto Right
5 & 6Triple ½ turn left (3.00)
7 – 8Rock back on Right, recover onto Left

Although there should be a Restart after the ‘owie,owie, ow’ bit ; ) we have continued the dance straight through. Works just as well :



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