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Late Night Call

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Kate Sala (UK) - March 2013
Late Night Call - Nell Bryden
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Intro: 16 Counts.

Touch Forward, Step Back, Touch Back, Step Forward, Shuffle, Step Pivot 1/2 Turn.
1 2 3 4Touch Rt toe forward. Step back on Rt. Touch Lt toe back. Step forward on Lt.
5 & 6Step forward on Rt. Step Lt next to Rt. Step forward on Rt.
7 8Step forward on Lt. Pivot 1/2 turn right.

Shuffle, Step Pivot 1/2 Turn, Scuff, Brush, Sailor Step.
1 & 2Step forward on Lt. Step Rt next to Lt. Step forward on Lt.
3 4Step forward on Rt. Pivot 1/2 turn left.
5 6Scuff Rt foot forward & across to left diagonal. Brush Rt foot back still on the diagonal.
7 & 8Cross step Rt behind Lt. Step Lt to left side. Step Rt in place.

Toe, Heel, Stomp, Tap Out In Out, Weave Left, Diagonal Heel Dig x 2.
1 & 2Tap Lt toe next to Rt instep with toe turned in. Dig Lt heel next to Rt instep. Stomp forward on Lt.
3 & 4Tap Rt toe out to right side. Tap Rt toe next to Lt instep. Tap Rt toe out to right side.
5 & 6Cross step Rt behind Lt. Step Lt to left side. Cross step Rt over Lt.
7 8Dig Lt heel forward to left diagonal x 2.

Weave Right With 1/4 Turn, Cross, Step Back, Chasse, Touch Across, Step Left.
1 & 2Cross step Lt behind Rt.Turn 1/4 right stepping forward on Rt. Step forward on Lt.
3 4Cross step Rt over Lt. Step back on Lt.
5 & 6Step Rt to right side. Step Lt next to Rt. Step Rt to right side.
7 8Touch Lt toe forward & across to right diagonal. Small step on Lt to left side.

Start Again. Enjoy!

For a nice finish, when you shuffle forward on counts 5 & 6 facing 3 o’clock follow it with a 1/4 left to face the front crossing Lt over Rt.


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