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Twistin' The Night Away

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Carol Bates (UK) - March 2013
Twistin' the Night Away - Sam Cooke
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Start on words “Let me”

Chasse right, back rock recover, weave left
1 & 2Step right to right side, step left next to right, step right to right side
3 – 4Rock back on left foot, recover on right
5 – 6Step left to left side, step right behind left
7 – 8Step left to left side, cross right over left

Chasse left, back rock recover, grapevine ¼ right
1 & 2Step left to left side, step right next to left, step left to left side
3 – 4Rock back on right foot, recover on left
5 – 6Step right to right side, step left behind right
7 – 8Turn ¼ right stepping forward on right, step left next to right

Walk forward right, left, right, kick, walk back left, right, left, together
1 – 2Step forward right, step forward left
3 – 4Step forward right, kick left forward
5 – 6Step back left, step back right
7 – 8Step back left, step right next to left

Twist right heels, toes, heels, clap, twist left heels, toes, heels, clap
1 – 2Travelling to right side twist both heels right, twist toes to right
3 – 4twist both heels to right, clap
5 – 6travelling to left side twist both heels left, twist toes to left
7 – 8twist both heels to left, clap



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