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Can't Stop Me Now

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Mark Guichard (UK) & Shelly Guichard (UK) - April 2013
Can't Stop Me Now - Rod Stewart : (Album: Time)
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Start Dance 16 Counts After Rod Says Oh Yeah.

Section 1: Cross Rock Replace. Chasse 1/4 Right. Pivot 1/4 Right. Cross Shuffle
1-2Cross rock Right Over Left. Replace Weight On Left.
3 & 4Chasse Right To Right Side Making 1/4 Turn Right
5-6Step Forward On Left. Pivot 1/4 Right
7 & 8Cross Shuffle Left Over Right (6 o' clock)

Section 2: Side Rock Replace. Behind Side 1/4 Left. Step Forward. Tap Back. Right Lock Back.
1-2Rock Out To Right Side. Replace weight To Left.
3 & 4Cross Right Behind Left. Making 1/4 Turn Left Step Forward On Left. Step Forward On Right.
5-6Step Forward On Left. Tap Right Toe Behind Left.
7 & 8Right Lock Back. (3 o' clock)

Section 3: Triple (shuffle) 1/2 Turn Left. Pivot 1/2 Turn Left. Rock Forward Replace. Behind Side Cross
1 & 2Make 1/2 Turn Over Left Shoulder Stepping LRL.
3-4Step Forward On Right. Pivot 1/2 Turn Left
5-6Rock Forward On Right. Replace Weight On Left.
7 & 8Cross Right Behind Left. Small Step Left To Left Side. Cross Right Over Left. (3 o' clock)

Section 4: Side Rock Left Replace. Sailor 1/2 Cross. Side Rock Right Replace. Ball Side 1/4 Right.
1-2Rock Out To Left side. Replace Weight To Right.
3 & 4Left Sailor Making 1/2 Turn Over Left Shoulder. Cross Left Over Right.
5-6Rock Right Foot Out To Right Side. Replace To Left
& 7-8Step Right Next To Left And Rock Out To Left Turning 1/4 Right. Weight On Right Foot. (12 0' clock)

Section 5: Full Turn Right. Left Shuffle. Syncopated Rock Steps.
1-2Making 1/2 Turn Right Step Back On Left. Making Another 1/2 Turn Right. Stepping Forward On Right. (easy option walk frwd left right)
3 & 4Step Forward On Left. Step Right Next To Left. Step Forward On Left.
5-6Rock Forward On Right Recover On Left
& 7-8Step Right Beside Left. Rock Forward On Left Recover To Right. (12 o' clock)

Section 6: Left Lock Back. Step Back Hook. Step Point. Cross Unwind.
1 & 2Step back Left. Cross Right Slightly In Front Of Left. Step Back Left
3-4Step Back On Right. Hook Left In Front Of Right.
5-6Step Forward On Left. Point Right To Right Side.
7-8Cross Right Over Left. Unwind 1/2 Turn Over Left. Weight On Right Foot. (6 o' clock)

Section 7: Rock left Recover. Shuffle Forward. Step Turn Step. Hold
1-2Rock Out To Left. recover To Right.
3 & 4Step forward On Left. Step Right Next To Left. Step Forward On Left
5-6Step Forward On Right. Pivot 1/2 Turn Over Left
7-8Step Forward On Right & Hold For 1 Count. (12 o'clock)

Section 8: Rock & Coaster. Step 1/2 Turn. Walk Walk.
1-2Rock Forward On Left Recover To Right.
3 & 4Step Back On Left. Step Right Next To Left. And Step Forward On Left.
5-6Step Forward On Right. Pivot 1/2 Turn Over Left.
7-8Walk Forward On Right. Walk Forward On Left. (6 o' clock)

Tags: End Of Walls 1, 3 & 5
1-2-3-4Cross Rock right Over Left, Replace weight To Left, Rock Right To right Side, Replace. *

End Of Wall 5 Do Tag Twice.

Restart: Wall 2 (48 Counts) After Cross Unwind.
Weight Must be On Left Foot Ready To Restart The Dance. (End Of Section 6)

Thank you: T & V For Your Support With The Dance.



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