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Lay Low Too (P)

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Mick Harris (UK) - April 2013
Lay Low - Blake Shelton
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Same footwork throughout. Start facing LOD in sweetheart position.
Start : 20 beats in on the word “ of “.

Walk, Walk, Shuffle, Step Turn ½ X2, Shuffle.
1,2. walk fwd R, L.
3&4. step fwd on R, step L next to R, step fwd on R. (release L hands)
5,6. turn ½ R stepping fwd on L, turn ½ R stepping back on R.
7&8. step fwd on L, step R next to L, step fwd on L.(LOD) picking up L hands.

Jazz Box ¼ Turn, Kick, Kick, Sailor ¼ Turn.
1,2,3,4. step R across L, step back on L turning ¼ R, step R to R side, step slightly fwd on L. (OLOD)
5,6. kick fwd on R, kick R out to R side.
7&8. step R behind L turning ¼ R, step L in place, step R in place. ( RLOD)
Release L hands.

Step Pivot, Walk, Walk, Cross Point X2.
1,2. step fwd on L, pivot turn ½ R.
3,4. walk fwd L,R. (LOD) picking up L hands.
5,6. step L across R, point R out to R side.
7,8. step R across L, point L out to L side.

Step Back ¼, Step, Cross Shuffle, Shuffle 1/2 Turn, Shuffle ¼ Turn.
Release L hands and pick up in reverse Indian fashion.
1,2. long step back on L turning ¼ L, step R next to L transferring weight to R.
3&4. step L across R, step R slightly to R side, step L across R. (ILOD)
Release R hands
5&6. shuffle ½ turn (RLR). (OLOD) pick up R hands.
7&8. step L to L side, step R next to L, step fwd on L turning ¼ L. (LOD)



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