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Down In The Islands

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High Improver
Cassey Rowe (UK) - May 2013
Island Song - Zac Brown Band : (Album: Uncaged)
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R. Strut, Back Rock, Vine 1/4 turn L
1-4Right toe to side, Right heel down, Left Rock behind Right, recover
5-8Left step to side, Right cross behind left, Left step 1/4 turn left, Right step fwd. (9o/c)

1/2 turn L, 1/4 turn L, behind, 1/4 turn R, Fwd Rock, Recover, Step Back, Reverse 1/2 turn R
9-121/2 turn L, 1/4 turn L as Right steps to side.(12 o/c), Left cross behind R, R 1/4 turn R Step Fwd.
13-14Left step fwd, recover onto R, Left step back, hold. (3o/c)

3 x Reverse 1/2 turns R, Back, together.
17-22Right foot 1/2 turn R, recover, Right foot 1/2 turn R, recover, Right foot 1/2 turn R, recover.(9o/c)
(Alternate: 3 x 1/3 paddles R)
23-24Right step back, together.

Back, hold, 2 x 1/4 turn L side rock, recover, Back, together.
25-28Right step back, hold. 1/4 turn L Side Rock, Recover.
29-321/4 turn L Side Rock, Recover, Left Step back (***), Right step next to Left. (3o/c)

Step, hold, Step, hold, Side Rock, recover, Step, hold.
33-36Left step fwd, hold, Right step fwd, hold.
37-40Left Rock out to side, recover, Left step fwd, hold

Weave, hold.
41-44Right cross over left, Left step back Right step to side, Left cross step over right.
45-48Right step to side, Left cross behind, Right step to side, hold.

Cross Rock, 1/4 turn left, Fwd, Tog, Fwd, Hold
49-52Left cross over Right, Recover onto Right, 1/4 turn Left step fwd, hold. (12o/c)
53-56Full Turn over L shoulder R, L, R, hold (Alternate Fwd R,L,R, hold)

Fwd, Recover, Side Rock, recover, Sailor 1/4 turn R
57-60Left Step Fwd, recover onto Right, Left Step to side, Recover onto right
61-64Left cross behind Right, Right step 1/4 turn R, Left Step to side, hold. (3o/c)

***Restart: Wall 3 After count 31 add hold.



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