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Highway Blues

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Mark Simpkin (AUS), Peter Fry (AUS) & Bill Larson (AUS) - May 2013
Highway Don't Care (feat. Taylor Swift & Keith Urban) - Tim McGraw : (CD: Two Lanes of Freedom)
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Weight on Right, Start 32 counts on vocals V1 04.05.13 - Turning CCW

Section 1: Cross Rock, & Step Pivot, & Step Pivot, & Back Rock
1,2Cross / Step L over R, Recover weight onto R
&turning 1/4 L, Step onto L (9:00)
3,4Step forward onto R, Pivot 1/2 turn L (3:00)
&Step R beside L
5,6Step forward onto L, Pivot 1/2 turn R (9:00)
&turning 1/2 turn R, Step L beside R (3:00)
7,8Step back onto R, Rock forward onto L

Section 2: & Step Paddle, Cross Weave, Step, Step Turn, Coaster
&Step R beside L
1,2Step forward onto L, Paddle 1/4 turn R (6:00) weight on L
3&Cross / Step L over R, Step R to side
4&Step L behind R, Step R to side
5,Step L forward into R hand corner (7.30)
6&Step R forward (7.30), turning 1/2 turn R, Step L back (1.30)
7&8Step R back, Step L beside R, Step R forward

Section 3: & Back Rock, & Touch Turn, & Cross Rock, Roll Full Turn
&turning 1/2 R Step L back (7.30)
1,2Step back on R, Rock forward onto L
&Step R forward
3Touch L behind R
4Unwind a full turn L dropping weight onto L (7:30)
&Step R to side ***
5,6Cross / Step L over R, turning 1/8 turn L Rock weight onto R (6.00)
&turning 1/4 turn L, Step L forward (3.00)
7turning 1/4 turn L, Step R to side (12.00)
8turning 1/2 turn L while hitching L, Step L to side (6.00)

Section 4: & Side, Rock &, Side Rock, & Step Rock, Turn & Side Behind Side
&1Step R beside L, Step L to side
2&Recover weight onto R, Step L beside R
3,4Step R to side, Recover weight onto L with 1/4 turn R (9.00)
&turning 1/2 R, Step forward on R (3.00)
5,6Step forward on L, Rock back onto R
&turning 1/2 turn L, Step forward onto L (9.00)
7turning 1/4 turn L, Step R to side dragging L towards R (6:00)
8&Step L behind R, Step R to side

Restart: On wall 3 (facing 12:00) Dance 20 & counts (***) then start again facing 6:00

Suggested Finish: Dance Section 1 & 2 ending on the coaster step facing front – enjoy

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