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N.S.T Ice Cream (New Seoul Taste Ice Cream)

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Novice - Funky
Yukiko Ohashi (JP) - June 2013
Ice Cream (feat. Maboos) - HyunA : (Album: Melting)
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Step diagonal R, Touch, Step diagonal L, Touch, Step Back, Back, Back, Back
1,2,3,4Step RF to R dia., Touch LF beside RF, Step LF to L dia., Touch RF beside LF,
5,6,7,8Step Back RF, Step Back LF, Step Back RF, Step Back LF,

Step side R, Swivel Toe out, Heel out, Heel in, Turning 1/4R Jazz box
1,2,3,4,&Step side RF shoulder wide, Swivel RF toe out R, Swivel RF heel out R, Swivel RF heel in L, Weight to LF
5,6,7,8Step Cross RF, Step Back Lf, Turn1/4R Step Side, Step forward LF

Kick Cross, Kick Step, Kick Cross, Kick Step to diagonal L, Body roll ,Touch R, Together, Touch L, Together
1&2&3&4Kick Dia.L RF (1), Step Cross RF (&), Kick Forward LF (2), Step Cross LF(&),Kick Dia.L RF(3), Step Cross RF (&), Kick Forward LF (4), Step Together LF (&)
5,6Bodyroll top to down
7&8&Touch RF side R (7), Step RF together (&), Touch LF side L(8), Step LF together (&),

Turn R, step out, Hip bump RL
1,2,Turn1/4R Step RF forward, Turn 1/2R Step LF back,
3,4Finishing Full Turn 1/4R Step out RF side(3), Step out LF(4)
5,6,7,8Hip Bump R twice (5,6), Hip Bump L twice(7,8),

Start again,

Enjoy the dance!!

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