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Trespassing EZ

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Phrased Beginner
Fabien REGOLI (FR) - June 2013
Trespassing - Adam Lambert
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Detail 2 sections: A B AAA B AAA BB AA and first three sections A BB

PART A - 32 counts
[1-8] Right heel, 1/4 turn, Coaster step, Left hell, ¼ turn, coaster step
1-2heel PD ¼ turn to the right
3 & 4Step back, step right to side, step right forward
5-6heel PG, ¼ turn left
7 & 8Step back, step left to side, step forward

[9-16] Walk right side, cross back, Scissor right, Walk left side, cross back, Scissor left
1-2Step right side, cross left behind right
3 & 4Step right to side support, recover onto left, cross right over left
5-6Step left side, cross right behind left
7 & 8Step left to side support, recover on right, cross left over right

[17-24] Walk right, Walk left, Lock forward, Walk left Walk right, Lock forward
1-2Step forward, step forward
3 & 4Step forward on right, cross left behind right, step right forward
5-6Step forward, step right forward
7 & 8Step forward on left, cross right behind left, step forward

[25-32] Step 1/4 turn, Run right run left run right, Rock side left, Coaster step
1-2Step right forward, turn 1/4
3 & 4Running DGD
5-6Step left to side support, back support PD
7 & 8Step left behind right, step right next to left, step left side

PART B - 16 counts
[1-8] Walk right side, Slide left to right, Walk left side, Slide right to left, Walk right forward 1/4 turn, Slide left to right, Walk left back, Slide right to left
1-2Step right to right side, slide left towards right
3-4Step left to left side, drag right to left side
5-6Step right forward ¼ turn to the left, sliding left to right side
7-8Step left back, slipped right beside left

[9-16] Walk right forward diagonal, Point left back, Walk left forward diagonal, Point right back, Walk right back diagonal, Point left Back, Walk left back diagonal, Point right back
1-2Walk forward right diagonal pointing left behind right
3-4Walk forward left diagonal pointed right behind left
5-6Walk right back diagonal, touch left behind right
7-8Step back diagonally pointed right behind left


Association law 1901-the wanted country dance
6 bd Jourdan - 13014 Marseille -


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