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Be Your Baby

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Beginner / Improver
Rene & Reg Mileham (UK) - July 2013
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight - The Bellamy Brothers : (CD: The Reggae Cowboys)
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64 Count Intro (start on the word ‘close your EYES’) - No Tags – No Restarts

Section 1: Forward, touch, back, hook. Rolling Vine with touch
1 – 2Rock Right forward, touch Left toe next to Right
3 – 4Rock back onto Left, hook Right over to Left
5-6-7-8Rolling vine (to right) with touch (easier option - Right Grapevine)

Section 2: Forward, touch, back, hook. Rolling Vine with touch
1 – 2Rock Left forward, touch Right toe next to Left
3 – 4Rock back onto Right, hook Left over Right
5-6-7-8Rolling vine (to left) with touch (easier option - Left Grapevine)

Section 3: Turning rumba box with holds
1 – 2Step Right to right side, close Left to Right
3 – 4Step Right forward, making ¼ turn right, hold 3.00
5 – 6Step Left to Left side, close Right to Left
7 – 8Step Left back making ¼ turn to right, hold 6.00

Section 4: Sway, tap, sway, tap. Full turn. Walk, walk.
1 – 2Angle body to left diagonal- Sway right, tap Left toe to left diagonal. (Weight on Right)
3 – 4Angle body to right diagonal -Sway left, tap Right toe to right diagonal (Weight on Left)
5 – 6Turn 1/2 right and stepping Right back. Turn 1/2 right and stepping Left forward.
(Easier option - 2 walks forward, Right, Left)
7 – 8Walk forward Right, Left (weight on Left)



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