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Give Me Love

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Adrian Churm (UK) - June 2013
Can't Give Me Love by Paul Bailey
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Sec 1: Walk forward kick, walk back, sweep
1 – 4Walk forward R,L,R, kick left foot forward.
5 – 8Walk back L,R,L, sweep right foot around behind left. [12 o’clock]

Sec 2: Weave Left, touch forward to left diagonal weave ¼ turn right, kick
1 – 4Step onto right, step left to the side, step right across left, touch left forward to 11 o’clock.
5 – 8step left behind right, step right to the side starting to turn ¼ right, completing ¼ turn step left foot forward, kick right foot forward. [3 o’clock]

Sec 3: Slow coaster step, brush, slow lock, lock step or shuffle forward.
1 – 4Step right back, close left to right, step right forward, brush left forward.
5 – 6Step onto left foot, lock right behind left.
7&8Step left forward, lock right behind left, step left forward (or shuffle forward). [3 o’clock]

Sec 4: ½ pivot turn right, shuffle forward, Large step forward, swivel right heel, toe, heel, in
1 – 2Step right forward, make a ½ left (weight ends on left).
3&4Shuffle forward R,L,R
5 – 8Larger step forward with left, swivel right heel towards left heel, swivel right toe towards left heel, swivel right heel towards left heel. (weight ends on left foot) [9 oclock]

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